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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is John McCain Done

Senator John McCain of Arizona might be looking at his last election to the United States Senate if the buzz coming from the Republican Party is on target. Die hard Conservatives are not to happy with their former GOP candidate for the Presidency and the rumor mill around Arizona is leaning towards the thought that Johnny isn’t conservative enough for their liking. McCain’s opponent in the next election is none other than the Jack Abramoff (jailed lobbyist & corruption guru) sweetheart former Congressman J.D. Hayworth who lost his last election bid to the Democrats in 2006. The question to be asked is if Hayworth can unseat the 73 year old Senator in the primary election if McCain holds the Tea Bagger revolt faction and Sarah Palin’s (Fox News Opinion contributor) political support?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Sipping beer in a noisy bar outside Phoenix, John "Buck" Hayes and his friend Kermit Thompson represent the rift that has made the Republican primary facing Sen. John McCain one of the country's most watched Senate races.

Hayes, 52, speaks reverentially of the four-term senator, describing him as a "steady fighter" who has the clout in Washington to call things as he sees them. Thompson, 70, a former McCain supporter, counters with this: "He's gotten too liberal for me."

Two years after he beat a crowded field to lead the GOP presidential ticket, the 73-year-old McCain is up against what some say is his toughest re-election battle in years as voters in his home state decide whether they want an experienced maverick or a diehard conservative.
- USA Today

One of the talking points on McCain’s re-election viability is the immigration issue where his views are not in line with many of the folks in his states political party. J.D. Hayworth is playing up his difference of opinion with McCain on immigration with every political speech. In a state that has an ongoing issue dealing with illegal immigrants and border patrol, immigration may end up being the issue of this campaign for the Senate that sends John McCain home from Washington.

Political experts in Arizona say the immigration issue, not an intraparty feud, is central to any struggles McCain may face. McCain's support for comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrations already in the country, has hurt him politically in the past, including nearly derailing his presidential bid. Hayworth has derided such reform as amnesty for illegal immigrants.

"It's not a secret that Senator McCain has different feelings on immigration than Hayworth," said Matt Roberts, a spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party. "That's the issue garnering the most amount of attention and people feel strongly on both sides."
- Fox News

On the flip side of the coin are the Democrats who seem to favor the candidacy of Air Force Reservist Rodney Glassman for McCain’s seat with a grass roots effort that features a $20 maximum political donation. Glassman is from the Tucson area where he is a city council member and very active in the local community. Questions abound if Glassman the Democrat can beat Hayworth the Republican in a predominate red state election campaign. That is if of course John McCain is done.


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