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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest in Peace Teddy

It might seem hard to understand how someone that has never met someone could feel such a great loss when that person passes away. Teddy Kennedy wasn’t just a senator or the lion of the congress that many news agencies have coined him to be. He was bigger than life even with the tragic legacy of his brothers as his shield and the love of the people that returned him to his office every six years for almost five decades. He was a simple man that just loved life and loved people and that was the ultimate source that made him a great man.

I spent the weekend watching the wake and celebration of his life at the JFK Library, the Mass in Boston, and eventually the burial in Arlington National Cemetery and I still can’t personally shake the loss of this man that some would call just another politician. I gave my own personal account of what he did for my father and my family without a second thought and I wonder how many other lives he touched? From the families that had loved ones on the planes that were hijacked on September 11th to people not even in his district he reached out to in order to heal their pain. Not just once but over and over again. Calling all of the families and loved ones personally to let them know that THEY were not forgotten. Their loved one was not forgotten. In doing so he formed a bond with the people and it was a bond that brought him closer to them as if he were family. It’s something that Teddy did his entire life.

His passing was like losing a father figure or the favorite uncle that you wished you had growing up. Teddy was bigger than life but he would be just as comfortable in a soup kitchen with homeless people as he would be dining at the Ritz. How anyone endures the loss of two of his brothers by assassination is beyond my personal comprehension and I‘m sure yours as well. How you lead a family and not implode after those events personally is a testament to his strength and spirit as a man and to his faith in God. Most people would have coward in fear and yet Teddy spent all of the days of his life in public service and in doing so sent a message to America, we can never give up if we believe our cause to be true. He carried the torch forward and honorably in the place of his three brothers.

My heart goes out to his family but especially to the love of his life Vickie. Without her, he would have been just another politician and the Kennedy legacy would have died. Yes, he could have still done great things but his mission would not be the same without her to heal him so he could help so many others. She saved him and he in turn saved countless others.

Rest in peace and you will be in our prayers Teddy.


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Blogger Sue said...

Beautifully said Mat! I feel like I lost my Father too, I feel so terribly sad for the Kennedy family. The void left by Ted will be immense. The celebration of his life effected me the most, I haven't cried that hard in years. And the boat story told by his college roommate had me laughing out loud. It was such a beautiful night! President Obama and Teds 2 sons did a wonderful job at the funeral service too. I hope there will be someone even half as great in politics to come fill his shoes in the Senate. RIP Teddy

7:26 AM  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good posting Sir ..... Ted is one of the few politician's that I really admired despite the talk about the 1969 accident...which I am sure was a psychological burden for him as well for year's,I read several talking about ... this man was a "voice" of what made this country great... good ole fashioned democracy ...and like the commercial say's for EF Hutton, when he spoke...folk's listened...on all side's.

Thank You Sir.........

8:24 PM  

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