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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving Healthcare Forward

Things in the healthcare debate are fired up and finally the left side of the aisle is coming back from summer vacation. It’s a given that the right wing attack on healthcare is in the last gasps for breath when Joe Lieberman comes out begging that the congress tackle this whole scenario in smaller bites. Wait till the economy recovers, or the recession is over, or till pigs fly. Well jumping parties Joe, Swine Flu is here and that meets one of the criteria for me to get it all done NOW!

Now is the time for all you vacationing Dem’s, and Liberal’s, and self declared whacko Leftie’s, to get on board the peace train and contact your elected leaders in the congress.

I noticed over the past few weeks that many of the people against healthcare have showed up for these town halls with some pretty anti American slogans. All the power to them, matter of fact, please keep it up. Left leaning blogs like this one can always use material of someone declaring themselves right wing with a swastika poster in hand. It doesn’t matter how you carry it or the message you wanted it to send, it still is an abomination to democracy no matter how loud you yell or scream.

We on the left side of the aisle can do better and just buy a ticket on the peace train. Call, email, or even write a letter to your congressional members in the house and senate. All aboard!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, till pigs fly, is the Lieberman's approach to this issue, Papamoka.

(Found ya through Sue's blog. Nice job here. :)

2:49 PM  

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