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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

White Collar Job’s Only Bailout

Yesterday the U.S. Government bailed out another white collar giant in the banking industry. Citi Bank, the largest of banks in the nation received a blank check from Washington without any questions asked. This most recent of bailouts is all okay with the higher than thou Congress simply because the people cashing the blank check all wear white collars. White collar jobs are good, blue collar jobs bad.

The Steel Workers President put it best, it’s okay to bailout someone that takes a shower before work but if you take one after working all day you get thrown out.

Rachel Maddow has this interesting view on this very same subject…

Video Link

I think I might have just found the answer to the automotive industry bailout problem. Don’t tell anyone in Washington but GM, Ford, and Chrysler should change their mailing address to Wall Street in New York city. Better yet, they should all start offering brokerage accounts and free toasters with every car purchase. Even better and this would be a slam dunk, change the corporate names to GM Bank, Ford Bank and Chrysler Bank. Then they could get the same blank check as Citi Bank!

Blue collar union jobs bad, white collar big bank jobs good? Makes sense so far in the scheme of things that Washington and our pontificating Congress uses for an excuse not to bailout the big three automakers. While they claim that the big three have put themselves in the position they are all in, how did Wall Street and all the banks robbing the treasury blind get where they are?


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