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Friday, November 21, 2008

Gasoline Price Tanks With Bush

Kick me in the butt but I saw a gas price in Missouri today at $1.35! Now tell me why it was over $4.00 per gallon just a few short months ago? It wasn’t a supply problem. It wasn’t a demand problem. Could the high price of gasoline just been political greed and pandering to close friends in the oil industry by George Bush? You bet it was!

Bush and company gave the green light to the oil markets to feel free to rape and pillage the masses. In doing so he gave the oil industries billions in gross profits per quarter and you can bet the farm who will be paying for the George W. Bush Presidential Library, his retirement, his book deals, and his monosyllabic world speaking tours.

You read it here first, George Bush is going to make Bill Clinton look like a cheap date when he pulls down more than a million dollars per speaking engagement. Don’t try and buy tickets for any of the speeches, oil executive board rooms only hold so many people and they need room to stretch. I’m thinking that his boardroom world tour will be sponsored by Exxon Mobil and of course security for the events will be sponsored by Haliburton.

Anywho, it’s nice to throw twenty bucks in the cars gas tank and it nearly fills it from empty. What the hell am I going to do with the other $40 dollars or more per week? Then I’m stuck with all this other cash because it won’t cost me $3,000 dollars to heat my home this winter too. What about all the money we are going to save at the grocery store now? Damn it this list is going to go on forever and ever! Maybe I’ll just toss all of the over inflated prices and cost reductions in the old savings account and call that my Bush Legacy retirement plan.

I won’t be crying for any of the oil companies when the price of gasoline breaks through the $1.00 per gallon mark. Not one damn tear.


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