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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going Obama Rambo!

Did Barack Obama win the Presidency or not. Did he not earn the right to pick and choose who the hell he pleases for his cabinet. Why is America and the media so damn focused on who Obama will pick for his cabinet? Why is this same media frenzy feeding the right wing internet and giving them a voice? When George Bush won the White House he declared a mandate, can Democrats not do the same? Barack Obama should declare an election mandate and move quickly to enact his campaign promises. His coat tails brought many new voices to the table of government and those voices should be heard. So why is the hype over Obama and his cabinet so critical. Did the people that voted for him not send a message for change or not? Did Barack Obama not prove that his message is the new direction for America to follow?

Maybe we should point out that the Republican Party can not find its ass from its elbow right now. No kidding! America has moved away from the screw you mentality of a President that cares not for the people of America but defends the special interests of big business first. Can we look at the other side of the coin where the rest of us have a voice too? His legacy will be the bankruptcy of Detroit and our American auto industry. That is something to be really proud of. NOT!!!

Obama has not even taken the oath of office and people are going nuts over his choice for the people that will lead us all out of the Bush disgrace and Presidency. Let the subpoenas fly against President Bush and his crew, I’m confident that Presidential pardons from Bush will cover everyone and anyone that manipulated our nation in an all for me and none for the rest of you mentality.

Can we get back to change and what Obama campaigned on? Barack Obama has not even taken the oath of President and the media is out of control in speculation. Do you think they need to take a chill pill or what?


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