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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama Administration and the Media

Is it just me or is it that all of the media is going nuts over every appointment that President elect Obama makes. He isn’t even President yet and those that fought hard for him to be elected are slamming him for his choices. Why in hell did you fight for him to be elected then? I’m thinking that the next great chapter in this nation was based in Yes We Can and then followed up by No You Can’t! It is not even funny how the bloggers have turned sideways to now look for dirt on the man that has not even taken the oath of President and it disgusts me.

Why did we back him if we did not believe in Barack Obama. If he needs Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State then he needs Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Tell me one other person more qualified for the position? Any other person in your thoughts for the position does not have the ear of a former President of this nation. Together Obama and Clinton can heal the damage done over the last decade and maybe America can finally concentrate on our problems at home. Hillary Clinton should be the next Secretary of State, the Senate will not begrudge her this position and she will serve for the higher purpose that she is more than capable of fulfilling.

Yes we can make this nation better but we need to know that all obstacles will be put in front of the Obama Administration before he even takes office. All of the media is already in attack mode against the hope that the 44th President will begin working on as soon as his hand is removed from the holy bible. Everyone President Obama selects for any position will be under the media scope and up for all kinds of specualtion and bad mouthed even though they have not even served the next President. We can’t heal this nation if this is just another one party system and full of a one party only looking out for its own interests. We as a people need to look past the false hope that the media speculates on and believe that there is never anything wrong with hope.

I have a personal problem with attacking a politician that has not even taken an oath of office, served in the office, or even made one decision as President. Maybe the rest of the media and bloggers can get away with it but I don’t dare to travel there. As President elect Obama can pick his cabinet, pro or con, his staff, his counsel, and even his damn own pajamas. I’m sure the First Lady Elect has some opinion on that matter but get the hell out on all the other over speculation on what he is going to do! He gave you over twenty months on what he wants to tackle and the Bush administration has given him two months on the screw ups that he will have to deal with. I can picture the last day of the Bush Presidency…

President Bush, President Obama, President Obama, President Bush Crap. Would you like a doggie bag for that till you take full control of the West Wing and the White House President Obama? President Bush will not be taking this buffet home with him so feel free to toss it in the White House fridge on January 20th. The Vice President has the reheating instructions but we can’t tell you where he is do to states secrets and super duper security measures that KBR will not allow us to reveal.

Don’t blame Obama for Bush and Company lax homeland issue attention deficit disorder. Bush and Cheney screwed over America and apparently they are not done. According to my co-writer Michael Boh the $700 Billion bailout for Wall Street was the last rape of America and her taxpayers. Apparently, that blank check authored by the Bush Administration was just that, a blank check.

So do you think Obama is going to allow this go unchecked? Is President Obama not going to go after this drain on all of our nations treasury without somebody doing jail time? Ummm, he can’t! The Congress agreed to it and passed it with the stipulation that the Treasury Secretary could distribute the funds as he deemed necessary.

Maybe we should focus the attention of the media and our blog’s on what kind of garbage and last minute deals the Bush administration is going to try and pull off. Trust me, Bush will surpass by thousands the number of pardons anyone before him has signed. Do a favor, owe a favor. It is almost as if the Presidency of the last eight years was actually the Soprano’s and organized crime. Watch the pardons and you will see who actually served George W. Bush best. Even Karl Rove will be given and unconditional pardon just to cover President Bush ass.

Sometimes you have to look back to make sure that you can look forward.


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