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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Have you ever seen the rain?

Now that the elections are over and we have a new President Elect that is bringing more change to America than this nation has seen since the days for Franklin Roosevelt, there will be some ups and some downs come January. My thoughts honestly run to the fact that I thank God above that George W. Bush will be out of office and can do no more harm. While all the rest of the media is talking up the downs of the incoming Obama administration I’d beg to wonder if they have ever seen the rain?

Have they ever gone without healthcare, have they ever lost a good paying manufacturing job that is now manned by someone in Mexico, India, or China? Has the MSM not seen the destruction to our economy by the Bush administration that looks the other way when it benefits thier political friends exclusively? America is in trouble and the rain is coming to an end, the sun will shine on America once more. All I have to say at this point is that George Bush is still President and he can still play the spoiler as he exit’s the White House.

Till the day that President Elect Obama is actually sworn into office the storm of politics and back room deals will work their way to the surface in the Bush administration to squeeze the last dollar possible out of the American people. Till that cold day in January actually happens we have to face the rain and scream loudly at it!

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This election was close but the message and vote count was clear for change. President Obama will bring change to America and that change will start on January 20, 2009. Till then, this is still one nation under the control of George Bush. I have seen the reign... I mean rain and I know that a sunny day is coming.


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