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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Transition Selection

President Elect Barack Obama (I'm so happy to be able to type that) has to be very careful who he picks for his cabinet and transitional teams. As politics goes, he owes some favors to some people and he does not owe favors to others. That is just how the political system has always worked. Early reports are out that some of the star power he will be tapping have some serious credentials to back them up and it appears that President Obama (I love writing that by the way) is not just selecting Democrats and left wing liberals.

Colin Powell’s name has come up on various sites for either an education position or Secretary of Defense position. Former Congressman Rham Emanuel has been selected as President Obama’s (did I tell you I love writing that) Chief of Staff.

Anywho, election night television and internet reporting burned me out for most of the day today and I needed some serious veg time. Countdown had this to say on the transition to an Obama Presidency… (I still like writing that by the way)

Video Link

It isn’t hard to believe that President Obama (still like writing that) will not surround himself with people that yes him to death. If you followed his campaign over the last year or more he has said that would be how his cabinet would be formed. The best, the brightest, political affiliation did not matter, and the best man or woman would fill out his administration. I’m just guessing but I’m pretty sure that your qualifications to run an organization like FEMA would have to have more than just raising horses in it? You just might have to have some serious experience with disaster management. I’m just guessing though.

We can all be pretty confident that President Obama (you know, I like how that sounds) will surround himself with people that can get the job done in the areas of leadership he places them. He has to come out with a first rate team to manage the details of the respective government organizations so he can concentrate on the legislation and changes in our federal government that have been ignored for almost a decade. In the coming days and weeks very well qualified people will either accept his request for service to our nation or beg not to be chosen. We have a rough road ahead of us and some of the best and brightest paths may move them to decline the offer. I could actually see President Obama (I like typing that) offering Senator Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State and she could not decline such a high profile post. I could actually see former Mayor Rudy Giuliani asked to fill the position of top gun at Homeland Security.

In a separate thought, John McCain was a true American gentleman in his concession speech on election night. Honestly, I thought it was the best speech he ever gave. In my eyes he will always be a true American hero but we just disagree on politics and the issues and the election results showed that too. Now is the time for all America to come back together and face the problems front on! Even if the houses that govern us are lopsided we still need to have them work together for the betterment of the people of America and McCain nailed that in his speech. Check it out…

Video Link

Side bar thought, don’t be surprised if President Obama (Liking that more and more) might just tap Senator John McCain for a very high profile post. I could be wrong but it would be a ball hit out of the park if President Obama (Yup, that sounds so good) embraced John McCain and asked him to help us all though the many challenges we now face. That would heal many wounds in this long and nasty election and be a true unifying offer to the political party of John McCain.

Just to let you our readers know, President Elect Obama is not getting a freebie on this website, if he screws up then we will voice our honest and heartfelt opinions on it. We are Americans first here at Papamoka Straight Talk and if our newly elected leaders pull the same crap as Bush then God help them.


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