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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rachel Maddow and Barack Obama Interview

Let me start off by saying that NBC and MSNBC is highly favored by the Obama campaign for good press but that does not stop Rachel Maddow from asking some tough questions of Senator Obama. Rachel Maddow still does not think this election is in the bag for either candidate and that makes this interview all that much more interesting. Below is part one of the interview in Sarasota, Florida. This interview took place in the former Secretary of State and Congresswoman Kathryn Harris district. Whatever happened to her by the way?

Video Link Part 1

One of the things that I did not know about Obama and his campaign is that he does not go after Conservatives at all, or for that matter he does not direct his comments to people as Republicans but what his opponent John McCain representing that party believes. Senator Obama is reaching for Republican voters and Republican servants in our nations government. It isn’t that he has to if he wins the election, it is that he knows that he needs too! Both political parties are not perfect but working together is better than banging our heads together time and time again on issues after issue where nothing gets fixed. We can do better.

America has many issues facing her over the next four or more years starting with the meltdown on Wall Street, our economy teetering on a recession if not worse, the housing collapse, two wars on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the shrinking job market here at home. These are serious issues that takes more than just one persons opinion to work on.

Our nation is in crisis and John McCain is not the answer with his coined responses to serious questions. As much as I respect him as a Veteran, I could not trust him with my children’s future and what America could be if special interests are holding the White House hostage through political contributions. In the back of many voters minds is the greed and deception of our political leaders over the last eight plus years and enough is enough. People are tired of seeing elected leaders step down in disgrace over one controversy or the other. People are tired of being treated like the bottom of the barrel and we do not deserve our governments leadership. People are tired of seeing only the top income earners get tax breaks while inflation is ripping the middle and lower classes off year after year with stagnant wages.

The time for change is coming on November 4th and you don’t have to vote, you must vote! Otherwise, shut the hell up and say hello to $4.00 per gallon gas, no jobs, special interest and corporate greed gone super nova, our military used as Pons to benefit corporations and the list goes on.

Vote for Barack Obama. Place your confidence in the hands of a man that is not afraid to face the issues and tackle them the minute they arise. Obama’s campaign against John McCain has shown that he is a true fighter with all the mud thrown at him.


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Blogger B.J. said...

Never assume an election is “in the bag.” There are just too many variables in this one. And, this is a country which re-elected George W. Bush after finding out he lied to take us to war. In 2004, exit polls showed the number one issue on people’s minds at that time was “moral values.” If that’s not the craziest damn thing you’ve ever heard, I’d like to know what is.

MSNBC cherry picks polls showing Obama cruising to a victory, while other polls are showing a closer race. I heard a poll today saying the candidates are in a dead heat in Pennsylvania, only to hear Olbermann cite a poll putting Obama 12 points ahead there. The only significant poll will come on 4 November!

Frankly, I am scared to death of a McCain-Palin win and will only breathe easier when Obama takes it.

I fell asleep before the Maddow interview (and maybe it will re-air during the night), but I did hear segments earlier on MSNBC. I miss a lot on your blog being on a dial-up connection and unable to enjoy your videos!

I did hear Obama talk about not going after conservatives. I wonder if he knows his supporters do.

I published my Election ’08 post, “The Right Choice?”, today, worked my butt off on it, and not a damn soul bothered to read it. Ever get the feeling you are spinning your wheels in a mud hole? In the post, I let 18 conservatives go after McCain and Palin. Oh, well, just a few more days of our labors for a better America, then we’ll know.

Say a prayer and light a candle.

11:58 PM  

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