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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is Yes We Can Real?

In the closing days of this Presidential election is the voice of the American people, and the only way you can change America is by voting for a new hope, a new direction. America, and Americans are tired of being subjugated as not being worthy to be Americans because we think differently on where our nation needs to be. Is it wrong to think that all of us can and have the potential to be better, give our children a better life that we never saw the possibility of? Is it wrong to think that our children can not dream of higher goals and a better life than we as parents have had? We can do better than that and we must do better than raising them in fear, in the environment of fear, in fear of people we do not know. We can lead them to hope over desperation. We can lead them in the path that is not laden with landmines if you do not tow the strict "With us or against us" thought process. America is the last melting pot in the world and all America has a general investment in our nations future! Our next leader for President needs to reflect that sentiment and not deflect it.

America brings many challenges but it also comes with the possibility of many dreams that can come true if we simply believe that change is possible. We can be better over the shouts of cynics and those that would keep us all down as a people. We are not divided but we are one nation that deserves better and we can do that together as one people. United we can fight any battle that faces us all, divided we can only survive one attack at a time. America is about challenges and not fear of enemies our government tells us we should fear, it is about confronting the reasons they are our enemies. Diplomacy is an American virtue that has been corrupted and replaced with fear and war that has no end or no answer.

America provides so many opportunities and we need not hide behind the shadow of fear of “What If”? We as a people are able to provide a better tomorrow for our babies and it is up to you as a parent to make change possible in America. One nation is better than a divided nation based on political ideology that can only offer fear.

Voting for Barack Obama is the only way to bring about the change this nation needs. John McCain is not the answer when all he has to offer is opinions of why he should be President because his opponent is only offering hope. When it comes to the hopes and dreams of all Americans I can not think of one reason that anyone would vote out of fear. It isn’t in our American blood and upbringing to do so. We know what is right and what is wrong in America and that is why we are a land of laws. In that respect I offer this must see or listen to video…

Video Link

Barack Obama said his peace on National Telvision tonight on many of the networks in his half hour reach to you as Americans as to what he can do for you and our nation. That is who he is. This election is not about him as much as it is all about you, the left behind American. Where do you want to put America in the next four years? Vote accordingly.


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