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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain Might Just Lose Arizona!

Fear of losing his own home state has John McCain and his campaign using the dreaded robocall political tactic in Arizona. What was once an art form under Karl Rove and the election of George W. Bush is now pretty much taboo in the new century of politics. Robocalling is the last breath of desperation from John McCain to at the least point to save his Senate seat in the next election.

When you look at what he has had to deal with in recent weeks you really can’t blame McCain for trying to save his own ass. Palin has gone rogue on him and so far off acceptable campaign talking points that she is a loose cannon of the Republican Party. She fires off the cannon and no matter what she says, the target ends up being in the lap of John McCain. I can’t honestly feel bad for McCain, he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. I just don’t think that he ever considered that she could out run him.

Back to the Robocall topic in Arizona… Here is the text of the call courtesy of Talking Points Memo that confirmed it with two sources…

I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because Barack Obama is so dangerously inexperienced, his running mate Joe Biden just said, he invites a major international crisis that he will be unprepared to handle alone.

If Democrats win full control of government, they will want to give civil rights to terrorists and talk unconditionally to dictators and state sponsors of terror. Barack Obama and his Democratic allies lack the experience and judgment to lead America. This call was paid for by the Republican National Committee and authorized by McCain-Palin 2008.

Can we break down this robocall to simple terms? Dangerously experienced? How about McCain picking someone that has already bolted from his own campaign with eyes on 2012 with even less experience? Then Joe Biden is brought up with this lack of experience. Umm, Joe and John have a ton of experience in foreign policy so the original statement is moot. Then they mention Civil Rights as if they are the ones to endorse and move forward civil rights? How can you claim to be a defender of civil rights when you voted with George Bush to tear all Americans civil rights out from under us Mr. McCain? Then they question Barack Obama’s judgment and experience to lead America but is it not the McCain campaign that can not even control many of the leaks and news feeds that show up on blogs like this one where Palin is out of control and going Rogue or “Maverick”? Last point is who this RoboCall was paid for, the Republian National Committee or RNC. Obviously, they don’t know that America is Cell Phone Happy.

Thank you God above for technology and the fact that our nation has gone Cell Phone happy and for the most part have dumped their land lines. One of the main reason many of us have gone Cell Phone happy is phone calls like this one but from terrorist telemarketers trying to sell us everything under the sun every single night as soon as the supper dishes hit the dining room table. The old shampoo instructions prevailed in some prehistoric political hacks mind when they came up with Robocalling, wash, rinse, repeat. Annoying, interruptive, and rude at the one time of day that we as a family have together with two working parents. The one time of the day where most families find out how everyone else in our individual families day went.

When it comes to RoboCalls, I’ve seen and received many of them when it comes to marketing products. I no longer own a home but I was receiving calls for replacement windows. Same thing goes for refinancing my home. Renovating the bathroom that I do not own. Getting out of debt when bankruptcy and losing our home was an event that happened just under two years ago. Pick a topic and the populace is numb to pre-recorded messages on our land lines. Even after caller ID they managed to get through by interesting messages of who the caller was.

The generation gap is broken wide open and the information age is here and now. John McCain and his campaign has no clue as to how to reach the large chunk of voters that are now no longer bound by a phone in the home. Just like George Bush Senior was amazed at bar code reading machines at a check out counter while Christmas shopping, John McCain never got the message on his cell phone about the wide spread use of cell phones in America. Cell phones are for staffers and not part of his wardrobe.

Senator McCain is not alone in this technology snafu when it comes to politics, most of the political polling sources that political machines rely on have not found the way to bridge this technology gap either. There is not a directory to research and call for cell phone owners going Maverick of Ma Bell!


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