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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin, Communist and the Constitution on VP

I think it should be loud and clear to everyone that the Constitution of the United States of America that this nation was founded on is clear on the powers of the Vice President. Governor Sarah Palin thinks it is up to interpretation as John McCain’s Vice President pick. The former Mayor of Wasilla thinks that the Vice President’s office is a position of strength over the United States Senate? It is not and never will be. Somebody needs to explain the office and powers conveyed to the Vice Presidency to the Governor of Alaska because she is even lying to second and third grade school children. It sure as hell makes me wonder if that is an audience or electorate that she is more comfortable talking about the office of the Vice President too.

NBC News and Brian Williams has this to say on it…

Video Link

Is it fair political play to call the Governor on this issue? Is it fair to question the choice of Sarah Palin by Senator McCain as his running mate for Vice President? I tend to think so!

Most Americans do not need to have the Constitution interpreted by Governor Palin, many of us know it pretty damn well. For Governor Palin to assume that she is the ruling person over the United States Senate is a joke that nobody finds funny. It’s right up there with calling Barack Obama and Joe Biden, both U.S. Senators a Socialist, and the last accusation as Communist’s in the latest news reports today.

I think that as American’s we need a clear head and a clear leader with a clear message of what America needs to be in the days to come. Not divided, not us against them but all of us as American’s. Calling your fellow American Liberal citizens, fellow Senators, and public servants a Communist is just way off base and desperation from a political campaign that just can’t sell American’s on what is an American. They have insulted the thoughts of their own political party by doing so and by serving no logic to the thoughts behind the accusations.

You can vote for a candidate for President that wants to continue separating our people or you can vote for one that will unite all of our people under one government, one flag, and one nation for all. John McCain divides, and Barack Obama unites. It is ultimately your vote that counts so cast it!


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Blogger B.J. said...

Long before John McCain entered THIS campaign; long before he entered the 2000 race, I said I did not trust him. He has always used his POW story and his low-key smarminess for self-aggrandizement. But, I never knew until now what a despicable bastard he is. Desperate is another adjective.

7:34 AM  

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