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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Steps Up for Obama

In the last two weeks of the election for President the endorsements from Newspapers across America are flying off the news racks. One of the most interesting was from the Chicago Tribune, a newspaper around since the early 1800’s, that endorsed Barack Obama for President but has never endorsed a Democrat before. When it comes to endorsements most newspapers really don’t matter anymore in America because they are left or right leaning publications and it can be proven by reading the opinion page every single day in their paper. But the Chicago Tribune? A staunch Republican paper goes for Obama, now that is news!

Moving on, then you have one man with one voice, with character beyond question, a Republican, a former chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff for America’s Military, and a former Secretary of State that has broken party ranks to endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States. I’m talking about General Colin Powell who announced his endorsement on Meet the Press today with Tom Brokaw. MSNBC has this video on the historic event today…

Video Link

It’s pretty common knowledge that the Bush Administration threw Secretary of State Colin Powell under the bus to get this nation into the war in Iraq. It is also common knowledge that he resigned to “Spend time with his family” as a disgusted American and life long public servant that was duped by President Bush and Vice President Cheney. If Colin Powell ran for President as a Republican then I honestly have to say that I would vote for him over Barack Obama if he was the Republican nominee. That being said, if he thinks Barack Obama can and will be a better President then Obama is a lock for many moderate voters.

Colin Powell summed up why many Independent and Moderate voters are looking at Obama more favorably than McCain, it isn’t the issues, it’s the rhetoric and suggestion of discrimination from the base and some of the leaders in the Republican Party. When he speaks of Robo calls, and defamation, insinuations, and accusations against Obama from the campaign of John McCain he is talking about questions that happen every single day in the states in play. Questions still suggesting Obama is a Muslim, Obama is associating with terrorists, Obama is anti American. Phone calls to mom and pop taxpayer and voters during the dinner hour. What General Powell said is correct in the thought that those types of politicking is not worthy of someone wanting to be President of one nation. That form of disgusting politics is divide and conquer and that is not what America is all about. If McCain can not sell his position on the issues then why is he and his campaign going so negative with the Robo calls? Why do they have to make it so personal and frankly Un-American? Politics is a dirty way of life but it was never this bad before. John McCain has his name on the bumper stickers and no matter how you look at it he owns the negativity one hundred percent.

In the long run, elections are not always won by who fights fair and who fights for what is right but who connects best with the American people. John McCain can not make that connection and Barack Obama has in more ways than you can count. Many of us should consider the wisdom of Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff, General of the Army, Vietnam Veteran, and just one voice as a Republican and just a citizen like Colin Powell that will be voting for Barack Obama for President.


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Blogger B.J. said...

Powell's statement was so genuine and from the heart and so meaningful, I wish every voting-age American could have heard it. Thanks for posting the video. Although my dial-up doesn't permit viewing it, I hope a very large number of readers come your way to view it! I was particularly impressed with Powell's pointing out that Muslims are not all terrorists. He really emphasized that with his story of the photo of the Muslim mother weeping at the grave of her son who died in Iraq - on the side of America. Good for Gen. Powell! I repeat: America's greatest enemy is ignorance. It says reams about McCain that the ignorant are solidly behine him - and his running mate.

6:43 AM  

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