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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain Abandons NM, CO, IA

John McCain with two weeks left to go is consolidating political strategy and prematurely conceding New Mexico, Colorado, and Iowa according to CNN. Prior to McCain chucking Michigan the bird he was within a couple of points of Obama but they folded up the offices and boogied out. Poll numbers went through the roof for Obama after that closing up shop and Obama has held well over a 50% lead on McCain.

The moving trucks and plywood from the McCain campaign is out and rolling through New Mexico, Colorado, and Iowa and they are bailing out on these states. Fend for yourself, hunt and peck, we will call you, don’t call us is the message to these states. They are not alone. New Mexico is on the death watch for Republicans and the McCain campaign too! Check out what CNN and John King is saying!

What is also interesting is that before picking Sarah Palin, John McCain had no campaign offices or staff in Alaska… NONE!


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