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Monday, October 20, 2008

Olbermann Slams McCain Campaign

I happen to love a good rant and Keith Olbermann can out do me any day of the week when it comes to the issues of the past week in politics.

You have to check this video out, Olberman goes after Palin on the “Pro-America” stance. Then Minnesota’s Congresswoman Michele Bachman for requesting a McCarthy like hearings on Anti American Democrats! Then he goes after one of McCain’s spokeswoman on Virginia and the race for President that she perceives as us against them. Limbaugh made the rant on Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama where Rush thinks it is a African American sticking with another African American. Then he goes after McCain on responsibility for what his spokespeople are saying in all aspects of his campaign.

This was an amazing rant from Keith Olbermann and I think many people will agree that he isn’t far off from the truth on this one.

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