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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naked Palin Needed Clothes

John McCain stated today that Governor Palin needed clothes to justify $150,000 spent by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to go shopping for Sarah Palin. There is only one problem with this declaration, she was and is the Governor of Alaska. Did she show up to work in Moose skins, Wolf skins, or was she just bare ass as she put that plane on Ebay? Apparently, to John McMillionaire she was not properly dressed and Neiman Marcus could fix her up. Sarah Palin needed to be GOP’ered. Walk like a duck, quack like a duck and campaign like a GOP Vice President candidate.

Here is the McCain spin on your donations to his campaign and why your $100 dollars, $500 dollars or even $1000 bucks went to a good cause. Sarah was buck naked when he found her in the wilderness of Alaska in the Governors office.

Over at Politico they have the inside inseam scoop…

McCain: 'She needed clothes'

John McCain defended the Republican National Committee’s decision Thursday to spend more than $150,000 dollars on clothing and accessories for running mate Sarah Palin.

“She needed clothes at the time,” McCain told a group of Florida reporters.

The Arizona Republican said that the clothing will be donated to charity and that there was nothing unusual about spending the committee’s money on Palin’s look.

“They'll be donated at end of this campaign. They'll be donated to charity,” McCain said.

“It works by her getting some clothes when she was made the nominee of the party and it will be donated back to charity,” he added. “It works that the clothes will be donated to charity. Nothing surprises me.”
- Politico

How pissed would you be if Barack Obama spent this kind of money on Joe Biden? Your donation dollars! I don’t get it. McCain is Conservative but he says that $150,000 dollars for clothing in just over one months time on clothing and accessories is okay and justified because the Governor needed clothes? Somebody has no clue as to what his political campaign is doing behind his back and the blame rests squarely on John McCain. It’s his campaign! What excuse is he going to use when he is elected President when people are screwing him over behind his back? This is just an election for President, once elected you are on the world stage. McCain is not in charge of his own campaign and that is sad. Mistakes and blunders of this magnitude should never have happened on a campaign where the man on the bumper stickers is supposed to be a hawk.

If John McCain can not control the spending of his own campaign organization that makes him look bad, then how is he going to control government spending that he wants to lead? It’s his campaign and nobody did this to him but his own campaign. He owns this issue 100%!

This attempt by McCain was truly against his character. He could not justify the spending of that much money on clothing and accessories at all. “She needed clothes” is his response? This is the beginning of Bush 3.0 lies if John McCain is elected President.

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Blogger Chus said...

More information!: Ashley Todd: political victim or hoax?

7:33 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Japan’s Nikkei index down 800-plus points, or 10 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng down 1,100 points. All European indices down 10 percent. The British pound sterling at its lowest value in 36 years. Nine million Americans out of work, up from 6 million at this time last year.

Madonna is getting a divorce and might have been impregnated by a sports figure.

The point is: perspective. All this flap about dressing a candidate for campaign appearances is just small potatoes – about as silly as all the flap over McCain’s houses. I understand those houses were left to Cindy through her father’s trust. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is America.

Let’s stay focused on the bigger picture. Issues like this don’t win or lose elections.


11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be superfical for a moment... Those dollars are everyone of us taxpayers, because he took public funding...Not contributions for that wardrobe.

6:00 PM  

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