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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gas Shortage Still a Problem in the South

I’m sure that if you live in the North East, the Mid West, or even the West Coast that you don’t have to spend time searching or waiting in line for gasoline. If you live in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina you have too! Is Fox News covering this from their base in Atlanta, Georgia? Umm, no.

Well Rachel Maddow over at MSNBC cares and she is talking about it loud and clear…

Video Link

There is no reason for the gas shortage in the south! None! Is there no doubt that President Bush and the Republican Congress members from the states afflicted are not screaming at Joe CEO as to why these people are being strangled? If this was to happen in New England, every single Congressional member and State Senator would be in the face of the companies responsible for this shortage. Subpoenas would fly from Democrat Congress members and Democrat Senate members over this? This wreaks of one last push to hold the South hostage to Red State politics from the people that have profited the most from $4.00 a gallon gas. I paid $3.19 a gallon today to tank up today in central Mass, people in North Carolina are paying $3.90 at the time this post was written. Pricing that matched the $140 per barrel market index?

How is it that up here in New England we can tank up without any problem but people in the South have to search for gas? Oil prices closed at $90.06 per barrel today. Somebody is being punished here. I'll leave it up to you people living in the South East of America to wonder why, who, and how come! Then ask yourselves why the representatives in the Congress that you have elected are not sceaming mad at this issue? Then vote accordingly!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gas prices at the pump will never go back down in relation to price per barrel at the same rate as they went (go) up. At least, not until we, in the US, get as angry over the criminality of it as those in a few other countries. Of course, we do still pay very low prices at the pumps in comparison, but we are so passive about being all out robbed. I naively expected that when new areas were opened up for drilling (*choke!*), the so-called shortage would let up.

11:46 PM  

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