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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Last Bush Rape of America

Make no doubt about it, George Bush and the policies he has followed have set the American economy up to be raped. He put a tube top on Wall Street, added some stiletto heals to the regulations and set America up to be raped! President Bush was not alone in this set up, he had help from the king of deregulation in the Senate from John McCain. McCain fought hard to deregulate the banking industry and he won. And because he won, $700 Billion dollars is about to head to Wall Street to save all the CEO’s and top executives with golden parachutes as they pack up and leave the mess on your doorstep. The rape is over, the baby is here now and orphaned by the people that created it and left for you to raise. The rape still happened!

Over at Brave New Films they have this speech from Obama on the blank check bailout…

Video Link

American’s need to wake up and face a wrong for what it is. If your child is abused by a stranger do you look the other way because the stranger was from your political party? Start looking at America as your child and you would be surprised how fast people start caring about the blatant abuse in our government. John McCain helped to create this beast and now that beast has plopped a huge bill on your door for more money out of your pockets.

America used to have a huge Conservative movement but they are silent during this crisis! Why? The truth is that the people that were supposed to be their champions just sold them all out. While the President and McCain were playing with our nations banking industry, the executives of those freed institutions ran wild and free till the money ran out. Now it is going to cost every man, woman and child in America $2300 bucks for the poor judgment that Senator McCain and President Bush showed over the past eight years. Having five children in my family, the wife and I own $16,100 dollars of the Bush/McCain error in judgment.

What Wall Street firm should I make the check out too. According to the terms of the Paulson bailout I should just sign the check and mail it to the U.S. Treasury. They’ll fill in the amount and the rest of the details later. By the way, the plan Paulson has proposed has a little feature that makes him, his entire department omnipotent and free from any oversight or court of law on how they spend the $700 Billion dollars. Are you okay with that?


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Blogger DukeofMadness said...

"There is only one thing wrong with capitalism....capitalists; they're too damned greedy."....Herbert Hoover

"If there is one thing a man can learn from history is that man NEVER learns anything from history."..George Bernard Shaw

This whole mess started in the mid-70's. It was by common consensus...both Democrat and Republican alike...that the supplanting of manufacturing with "service" and "innovation" economies would revolutionize American life. Looks like it will, all right.

Anyone remember the "flat earth" crap of not so long ago...the "end of history"..the "goldilocks economy???"

Well, the three bears have come home and they are kinda pissed. And they want their

At the current rate, with a total lack of understanding of the true cause (and driving force to make things worse), this whole set up might ineed "revolutionize" American, but not in the way our 'betters' intended.

Papamoka; please encourage your readers to have a glance at a book printed in the late 80's..."America, What Went Wrong?"

It will answer a lot of questions as to why we are where we are today.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Good advice Duke and by all means folks reading this post should pick up the book America, What Went Wrong?

You killed me with the Hoover quote!!! LOL!

7:26 PM  

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