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Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCain Campaign Imploding

Over at the McCain campaign for President they are running amok with nobody really in charge including John McCain. Reports are coming from all directions that the one direction they are all heading is one that nobody really believes in. As Senator McCain flips and flops on issues all over the spectrum politically, his campaign can not keep the message straight. The John McCain Straight Talk Express has apparently gone off the road and is lost in the woods.

One of the sites that I contribute to has a very well written piece on the lies that McCain finds himself embracing just to hold on to the Bush dynasty of voters. The language is graphic but the point is made that John McCain has morphed into someone that was never John McCain for the sake of running for President. And worse off, if he can’t sell his side of the aisle on the politics of life then he and his political campaign have no problem making stuff up as fast as they can. If his campaign needs money then he flips his opinion on drilling for oil off the Atlantic coast and raises more money from oil executives and the oil industry in one month than he has in the past eighteen months. This post by Cranky Liberal is a must read over at Bring It On!

From now on I don’t care what McCain promises. I don’t care what he says. He’s a lying dirtbag. Shout it from the hills people and don’t be afraid. They have no problems making shit up, so we shouldn’t have a problem telling the truth. Afterall, we aren’t Republicans. - Bring It On!

Over at YouTube they have this great piece on many of the flips and flops that McCain has “Evolved” his opinion on. Many of which don’t even come close to why John the “Maverick” McCain was even in the spotlight for President just eight short years ago. (Video Link)

One of the things that caught my thought process to write this post was the way that McCain has really changed in the last eight years. He went from being a moderate Republican in the congress to an extremist mirroring all of the idiocy of Bush. The only way to explain this transformation is the fact that he would sell his own soul to be President.

One of the things I admire about Obama in all of this election campaign of he said this and then they said that is that Obama still stands for Universal Health Care, he still stands for the middle and lower classes when it comes to our political issues. Obama and his decision on Choice is still clear and not up for approval or disapproval and easily changed by special interest groups. Obama’s voice is his own and his campaign does not have to run shotgun over his comments and make numerous corrections to the press on a daily basis.

It is pretty clear in all the press reports that there are too many people trying to drive the bus over at the McCain campaign and the only one not able to actually drive the bus is the candidate for President.


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