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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama - Clinton Ticket?

No matter how you look at the Presidential election it is a first in our nations history for the record books. We as Democrat’s are deciding between a woman for President and an African American and that in itself is worthy of the vote alone. The Democrat’s are going to win the Presidency in the next election by a landslide and that is pretty much a fact if you simply look at the number of Democrats voting. Be it the Clinton campaign or the Obama campaign the people they have driven to vote are voting in larger numbers than McCain could ever hope to beat.

This election is so close that there is a possibility that it will come down to the Democrat convention in Denver on who the candidate for President will be from the Democrat Party. Given current trends and voting results it would be a blood bath that the party does not want. Somewhere in the middle is the solution and it may have already been discussed by the two candidates. Reuters has this little bit on the possibilities come Denver…

Clinton hints at Obama as possible running mate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Energized by a series of wins that revitalized her presidential campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton hinted on Wednesday at a possible joint Democratic ticket with rival Barack Obama.

In two television interviews, hours after she scored critical primary victories in Texas and Ohio that helped revive her presidential bid, Clinton was asked about a joint bid with the first-term senator from Illinois.

"Well, that may ... be where this is headed, but of course, we have to decide who's on the top of the ticket," Clinton said on the CBS "Early Show." "And I think that the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me."

In an interview on MSNBC, Clinton noted that both she and Obama had been asked if they would pick the other as their vice presidential running mate.

"Obviously, it's premature for either of us to address it," she said.

She added: "There is a lot of ... interest in that. Many Democrats are hoping for that. We have to sort through this nominating process to see ... who ends up as the nominee.
"But we're going to put together a winning ticket. The most important thing is winning in November."
- Reuters

Yes there are many states still to vote but the idea of an Obama Clinton for President is not only a good one but the only solution to merge the ideas and energies of both campaigns in one common goal. Beating John McCain to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Talk about who will be on top of the political ticket is almost pornographic when it comes to talk radio on this topic. That might make Bill smirk with amusement but this is an election to change the path of America and many people are down right serious about it. If there ever was an election in American history then this one is all of that and more.

Both Democrat’s are for ending the war in Iraq and McCain is not. Both candidates are for universal health care and McCain is not. Both candidates are for retrofitting our education system and nobody knows where McCain is on that issue. Both candidates are running against the Presidency and sell out of America by George Bush and John McCain just accepted President aka Emperor Bush endorsement at the White House. One common thought in the Democrat candidates is that you will not have George Bush part two in the next President and the nation will face a new path. A new destiny where America will talk to the world rather than insulting the world with a nation building policy.

No matter who wins all of the primaries, be it Obama or Clinton, it would be a death throw to the Democrat’s if either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama do not pick the other for a Vice President running mate. Both are strong candidates for the Presidency and both would offer more to the American people if they were united against whatever John McCain throws at them come the November election. Voters are united on the Democrat side of the aisle on the issues and together this would be a super ticket to shun the more of Bush ideology that Republican John McCain is offering.


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Blogger B.J. said...

The media are turning our “dream team” into a nightmare, couching every statement Obama or Clinton makes as an “attack” on the other. My euphoria over the Clinton wins on Tuesday was quickly dispelled by the negative coverage all day Wednesday. The hatchet job on Clinton is not hurting her; it’s hurting the Democratic Party. The media know this, so we have to ask ourselves the WHY of their biased coverage. Can it be that a Republican ultimately benefits corporate media – the big business they’ve become? You betcha! The media would never admit it, but it’s possible the Clinton wins were a backlash to their biased coverage. I know good journalism, and this ain’t it. We must keep our spirits up, we (Obama and Clinton supporters) must throw our full support to our nominee, and we must defeat McCain. If we can do so by keeping to the high road, all the better.

6:43 AM  
Blogger Marinmaven said...

The problem with Hillary is a lot of her wounds are self-inflicted. Her vote for the war without reading the full intelligence reports is poor judgment. 21 of her fellow Senators stood up after paying attention to the intelligence reports and Hillary wasn't a part of that.

Hillary asks us to include the Whitehouse years, but when we point out that she wasn't able to persuade her own husband to take another look at NAFTA, she goes into victim mode.

It was Clinton who said that only she and Mccain have a lifetime of experience and Obama ONLY has one speech against the war. Which is a complete fabrication. Clinton has fabricated story after untrue story against Obama. For example, her campaign put out there in NH that Obama was weak on reproductive rights, which numerous groups came forward and touted his work and his 100% rating with NARAL. She has also misrepresented numerous other of Obama's record and positions.

Clinton has mismanaged her campaign. Which undermines the whole argument that she can run a country. Whereas Obama has run a very organized and energizing campaign to create a new American majority. These are facts.

These are not unfair attacks, but sober analysis of her judgments over the years.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Marinmaven said...

In regards to an Obama/Ticket:

Naturally, I would want Obama to be president and Clinton as VEEP if a joint ticket is necessary. There are dangers though. There are people who are voting for Clinton, because they do not want a black man as president, and there are other people voting for Obama because they just don't like Clinton. The best argument for the Obama/Clinton ticket is that by her own admission, Clinton is a fighter which is better suited to the Vice presidential role, a historical attack dog role.

Obama has the vision, judgment, and the ability to unite the country, which is far more suited for a presidential role. Clinton qualifies for VP because she would be on the ticket because she can deliver Ohio and the Hispanic vote. Obama has a grassroots machine in all 50 states which is more appropriate for a Presidential candidate.

Clinton will still be the first female Vice President under the first African-American President, who has historical appeal and the ability to motivate Americans to take back their government. The republicans are scared of an Obama run because it is really hard to attack him.

Unfortunately, I fear that seniority will win out and Clinton will be on the top ticket. The only benefit to Obama is that he will be able to run in the future as a vice-president which can be an advantage. I think that it is really risky, because being forced to be a vp to someone who has demonstrated poor judgment and poor management skills isn't a great career move.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Nice summation Marinmaven!!! I have to say that your comments were very eloquent and very well thought out...

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are also joining in the "hatchet job" on Clinton - which only hurts the Democratic Party.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Marinmaven said...

Is stating the truth about her record a hatchet job? The only people doing hatchet jobs here is the Clinton campaign. Her campaign is the only thing hurting the democratic party. If you have a campaign that says that only the big states that Clinton won matter, that isn't someone who wants to be the president of all the country. Its same old, same old.
If you want that type of campaign and leader -- that is your choice.

I prefer a candidate who stays positive and sticks to the issues.

So when is Clinton going to release her tax records and whitehouse papers?

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry - I apologize for my comments.

10:46 AM  

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