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Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm Sorry ... Did You Really Just Call Me a Granola-Head?


(The Morgan Lifecar, a green sports car, as reported on over at the BBC)

Another big myth being foisted on the unsuspecting (read: unaware) is that fans of green technology want to send us all back to the "caveman" days. Yes, that's the personal dream of proponents of sustainable technology: To fix it so that we are all living like savages with no light, heat or rock-n-roll; and, certainly, we shouldn't be entitled to any mode of transportation that makes the palms sweat or the blood race.

Well, I think it only appropriate that, to that myth, I say, "Bollocks." I like a sweet ride as much as the next person; and I think it's worth exploring whether we can indeed have our cake and eat it too when it comes to certain things.

As far as sending us back to the caveman days, most of us granola-heads haven't figured out how we could send the rest of you back there without having to also go ourselves; therefore, it's not really an attractive option for us. Granola-heads really love their rock-n-roll, ya know? This attitude, of course, stands in stark contrast to the global warming naysayers, Big Oil execs, purveyors of black, not green, energy ... and vice-presidents of one sort or another ... who somehow mistakenly believe that they can set fire to the whole planet without getting burned themselves.


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Blogger Papamoka said...

That car is Awesome JW! This is definetly not your Dad's Chevrolet. Speed and green? Who'd of thunk?

10:34 PM  
Blogger Just Wondering said...

Let's just hope it doesn't go the way of the Tucker ... You can bet your odometer that if it won't make money for the people already making money, they'll try to kill it. What a world.

11:13 PM  

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