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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mississippi Going for Obama

Even before the votes are counted Senator Clinton is counting the great state of Mississippi out for Senator Obama. Not that that surprises me but you would have thought she at least might have thought the contest might just be close before the results were even tallied. Given all the blunders of all the polling numbers I would never personally give the state to any candidate before the full vote count was in.

When it comes to delegates to the Democrat Convention and that is what the primaries are all about, this state plays a key role when it comes to the final process. Not simply because they are holding a primary but simply because they played by the rules of the Democrat Party on selecting a candidate. We’ll get into that a little bit latter after we look at this piece from MSNBC on Hillary Clinton’s white flag campaign for Mississippi…

Clinton battles Obama for Mississippi votes
Illinois senator favored to win majority of state's 33 delegates

Obama began the night with 1,579 delegates, to 1,473 for Clinton. It takes 2,025 to win the nomination.

Neither of the two rivals appears able to win enough delegates through primaries and caucuses to prevail in their historic race for the nomination, a development that has elevated the importance of nearly 800 elected officials and party leaders who will attend next summer's national convention as unelected superdelegates.

Obama leads Clinton among pledged delegates, 1,368-1,226 in The Associated Press' count, while the former first lady has an advantage among superdelegates, 247-211.

Adding to the uncertainty of the nominating campaign, Democrats from Florida and Michigan are pressing for their delegations to be seated at the convention.

Snip and Tuck

"Some people have said 'Well Mississippi is very much a state that will most likely be in favor of Senator Obama.' I said 'Well, that's fine,' but I want people in Mississippi to know I'm for you," she said in Hattiesburg before flying to Pennsylvania.

Obama made a stop Tuesday in Greenville before heading to Pennsylvania, too.

"I've been praying for you," a man called out.

"I believe in prayer," Obama replied.

Both Obama and Clinton probably have better access to polling numbers than I do and I would hope that they do. What I’m getting at is even if the numbers are bloody ugly, a candidate for President should never leave any state chucking the bird at the folks that just happen to be in the middle of the road and undecided. How many times do you have to see on the local news, national news and every single online news site that many people made their decision on who they want for the Democrat candidate for President when they actually were in the voting booth?

As for the ongoing debate over the delegate’s to the Democrat Convention from Florida and Michigan, that is or should be ended with three words, “Let Them Vote”.

Make no mistake about it, this process is not a popularity contest for the general public. This is the Democrat primary for President of the United States of America. It is a political party that allows Independent voters to participate but there are rules for all candidates to abide by. Florida and Michigan broke the rules of the Democrat Party by moving their voting dates up. In doing so the Democrat Party stripped them of their delegates to the Democrat Party Convention. If you broke the rules you get penalized for it.

There are some that say the delegates from each state should be seated as the process stands and I would have to argue with you on that point. Both candidates vowed to not run in Florida and yet Senator Clinton’s name was the only one on the ballot? Knowing many a friend and family in Florida that just happen to be Democrats they didn’t even bother to vote because they were told the election process did not count. Same goes for Michigan!

If you want to make this a fair fight then schedule a re-vote for both states with all of the candidates on the ballot. Schedule it, let the candidates campaign in the states and let the voters decide with an actual vote that THEY know will count. Don’t back door, smoke filled room, old boys of the Democrat Party decide who can and can not be seated at the convention. Doing that wreaks of political election corruption and we have had enough of that under the current occupant of the White House.

It is our political party and the people in Florida and Michigan should be given the opportunity to decide who THEY want to face John McCain in the next general election for President. If the Democrats back room dealings seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan without a re-vote then the election process is a joke for every single Democrat.

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Anonymous Frodo said...

Frodo finds nothing here with which he disagrees. There is a bit of nuance to this situation however, and that deserves mention. It was the Governor and the Legislature in the State of Florida who came up with the bright idea to move up the Primary. By Frodo's reckoning, those individuals happen to reflect a Republican persuasion. Would it not seem quixotic for Democrats to foot the multi-million dollar costs of a "do over" election?
Frodo's suggestion is that we send the weenies an invoice, and demand full payment in 10 days.

12:22 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Lots in this post, but I’ll just comment on the Mississippi vote. Mississippi is my home and always will be. I have friends and family throughout the state. With few exceptions, they supported Bush, because they are good people who believed in his “goodness.” Mississippi will go for McCain.

I feel great remorse for the Clintons, who have worked throughout their lives for equality and justice for all people. Hillary didn’t need polls in Mississippi. She knows many black leaders in the South, and they have let her know they are obligated to back Obama. She knew which way the Democrats of Mississippi would vote. As it turned out, 92 percent of blacks, who represent 35 percent of registered voters, voted for Obama.

It’s noteworthy that 24 percent of registered Republicans voted for Hillary in an attempt to defeat Obama.

Hillary had rallies in a number of Mississippi locations (as did Obama). She could hardly be characterized as thumbing her nose at the state. She knew how the vote would go. Putting the delegate count aside, she knows how it will go in November.

Let’s see. Hillary was born and reared in the Chicago area; christened in Scranton, Pennsylvania, at Hugh Rodham’s home church; lived for many years in Arkansas; and now represents New York State. Believe this Southern gal, she learned a lot about the South in those years in Arkansas, and she knows that in the end Mississippi will go for McCain.

A lot of folks there have seen the light about Bush, but the majority think the Republican Party more closely aligns with their beliefs and will honor this old war hero.

9:15 AM  

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