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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Clinton on Science, Energy and Stem Cells

I’ve been watching many of the candidates on the Democrat side of the election process for President and I’m finding myself surprised that Senator Clinton has my interest raised. I’ve known since her husband was President that she was a believer in science and understanding our bodies and our world is a never ending investigation, I did not know that she was so committed to unleashing our nations brainiacs and scientists to solve many of the ills that the current President silenced.

Stem cell research needs more than just the private sector to make considerable progress. Stem cell research needs the freedom of our universities and colleges to experiment without fear of losing federal grants or funding. Stem cell research is the science of our human future and without it many of the debilitating or life ending diseases will shorten the life span of many Americans.

Alternative energy science and research is expensive and asking Exxon Mobile to fund research that would basically put them out of business is an ultimate oxymoron. That would be the free market President Bush policy as far as alternative energy research goes. Senator Clinton is backing a full scientific research of alternative energy sources.

Over at the New York Times they have this bit on her speech today…

Clinton Says She Would Shield Science From Politics

Published: October 5, 2007

In a stinging critique of Bush administration science policy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York said yesterday that if she were elected president she would require agency directors to show they were protecting science research from “political pressure” and that she would lift federal limits on stem cell research.

Mrs. Clinton, a leading Democratic presidential candidate, also committed herself to a space-based climate research project to combat global warming and pledged to spend $50 billion on fighting climate change and finding energy alternatives to foreign oil.

In a speech laying out her campaign’s science agenda, Mrs. Clinton spoke of the need for a “robust” program of human exploration of space.
- New York Times

I’m a firm believer that if you place constraints on scientists and researchers then you are stifling the experimental process that needs to have a free thought process in order to make the discoveries needed by mankind. It’s a known fact that President Bush will only allow his belief in what science is to exist under his rules. That alone is a Comedy Central joke headline.

I’m one of the strongest believers that our nation needs new and yet to be discovered energy sources. More so now than any time in our nations history. Take wind power as just one example, GE is one of the greatest innovators in this technology that is absolutely a clean and green electric renewable energy source. It is not cheap to put up even one windmill but the alternative is burning fossil fuels that add to the global warming problem. I wonder if Senator Clinton would back a continuation of the tax breaks for wind power installation on the national grid? I’m wondering if she would offer the same tax breaks to wood pellet manufacturers that are building new plants to meet the demand for alternative renewable heating sources? If you own a wood pellet stove to heat your home then you know more than enough about the shortages over the past few years.

I won’t even start to run on with my incessant belief in the need for all forms of stem cell research to advance the science of medicine. From Diabetes to Parkinson’s is just touching the surface. How committed is she to the research process?

Day by day and issue by issue I’m finding my vote gravitating towards Senator Clinton but she could royally screw up tomorrow and come out with a huge tax and spend program that I do not believe in.

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