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Monday, October 01, 2007

Follow the Drug Enforcement Money…

When it comes to our government spending money to stop trafficking in drugs across our border for some odd reason I don’t think it is a good idea to hand the government of Mexico BILLIONS of dollars to do so! Yes, I said “DO SO!“ Call me an idiot but is there not tons of stories and links to the corruption riddled government that is directly linked to the Mexican government. For that matter our own government is riding the grey area of legality all over the place lately simply because everyone else is getting away with it.

Common sense tells me that if you do not want your house robbed you do not pay the thieves off to not rob you to begin with. You grab the home run baseball bat that you still have from your little league days and you defend your home and border to keep the drugs out. Signing a check out for cash to an intruder was not part of my upbringing? Apparently, the White House has another opinion according to the Washington Post…

Increased Enforcement Disrupts Drug Supply From Mexico, White House Says

By Manuel Roig-Franzia
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, October 2, 2007; Page A09

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 1 -- Mexico's crackdown on drug cartels and stepped-up U.S. border enforcement have disrupted the flow of illegal drugs and caused cocaine supply shortages in 37 U.S. cities, including Washington, according to a report scheduled for release Tuesday by the White House drug policy office.

Cocaine prices have nearly doubled in some cities and soared from a nationwide average of $95.89 a gram during the first quarter of this year to $118.70 in the second quarter, the report says. Law enforcement officials track drug supply levels in part by monitoring prices. Rising prices typically indicate reduced supplies.

Snip…follow the money

"This is historic progress," John Walters, director of the White House drug policy office, said in a telephone interview from Washington on Monday. "We've never worked better together."

Walters also said that "we're a couple of days away from releasing details" of a massive aid package to help Mexico fight drug cartels. "We're finalizing things."

The aid package is expected to be the largest U.S. anti-drug endeavor overseas since the 2000 launch of Plan Colombia, a multibillion-dollar campaign designed to eradicate coca and erode support for Marxist rebels. The Mexico proposal, which will likely require congressional approval, will probably have two phases, a top Bush administration official said Monday. The first phase, which would include money for training and equipment, would be "just shy of $1 billion," the official said.

Independent of the aid package, the Bush administration says it is engaged in reshaping its drug strategy along nearly 2,000 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. The strategic counter-narcotics plan, which Walters plans to release Tuesday in San Diego after meeting with state, federal and local law enforcement officials, calls for more efficient distribution of information among U.S. agencies and for sharing more information with Mexican law enforcement.
- Washington Post

Mexico is going to share the information on drug trafficking enforcement after they cash the check? I’m ROFLMFAO over this one. Paying off another corrupt government is the answer for this President and it will never work. This policy is from the same administration that will not fund no child left behind? Would it not make more sense to spend the money on the future and our children’s anti drug education rather than pay off the Cartel’s through a Mexican government broker? Maybe the Congress should look at saving the drug cartels the broker payment fees and just electronically transfers the BILLIONS directly to the drug cartels.

Bush will not look at health care for our families but he is willing to spend BILLIONS in Mexico for a drug policy that is more or less offsetting the losses that the Cartels are suffering due to stronger boarder patrols. As much as I would like to think that this might work, all I see is money down the tubes. Gone, check was cashed, no identification needed. Here is your free toaster Mr. Bush!

Follow the money and you too will see the joke that this really is. Bush, like his father before him as President is chucking the bird at the people at home. Money that comes from American taxpayers will be spent at the will of the President and if his popularity at home is not good enough for us, maybe Mexico will have him? We can only hope.


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