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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here Comes the Anti Smoking Nazi’s

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I’m entirely biased in this piece because I am one of the infidels that just happens to smoke. In Mass-a-two-sticks it is illegal to smoke in the workplace. Just another one of those nice laws to let the people know that the state is looking out for you…again!

Back in the old days Henry Ford was so anti drinking that I think that he demanded that there would be not one employee on his payroll that drank alcohol period. I may be wrong on that fact but good old Henry was looking out for his employees. Henry was the first I believe in corporate American history to be socially pro-active when it came to his employees because he had a problem at some point in his life with alcohol.

I can understand a supermarket chain not wanting its employees to smoke in the store, that is state law. Hell, I can understand them asking them to smoke in designated areas outside of the store, or only in sections outside of the building not seen by customers. What I don’t understand is the chain dictating personal paid break time behaviors when that time is mandated by the state.

Over at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette they have this to say about Big Y and its non smoking corporate policy…

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Big Y begins new no-smoking effort


SOUTHBRIDGE— Chain-smoking and taking a drag of a cigarette has been snuffed out chain-wide at Big Y Supermarkets. In an effort to ensure a healthier environment, the company has implemented a smoke-free campaign to make cigarette smoking a thing of the past. As part of its health and wellness program, Big Y kicked off its new smoke-free workplace status as of July 1 by holding a companywide ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday afternoon. Big Y has more than 9,200 employees at 60 locations.

The company has joined with the American Lung Association, which trained 13 employees as “facilitators” who can hold smoking cessation classes at each store. “We’ve gone all smoke-free for the employees and it’s healthy for the customer,” Mary Voight, employer service representative for the Southbridge store, said yesterday. Not only have the 115 workers at the Southbridge Big Y taken a pledge to keep the store smoke-free (some with mixed feelings, Ms. Voight acknowledged), smoking has also been prohibited for workers during their paid breaks and 15 feet from any side of the buildings. - Telegram & Gazette

If the Big Y food chain has such an opinion against smoking then why do they sell cigarettes? It just amazes me that a company can preach the evils of smoking and yet they sell them at the front of the store. Just for giggles I wonder how many of the evil smoking heathen employees go up to the customer service counter and plank down a five dollar bill for a pack of the contraband their employer has made verboten (Forbidden)?

In this companies effort to save its employees from an uncertain future they have ostracized them as less than valuable employees. Much like the Nazi’s of World War II, the perfect race is dictated by the state and no exception is allowed. This is discrimination and corporations dictating who can work and who can not.

If the reporter for the Telegram wanted to really get at the truth of this piece he would have applied for a job at ten of the Big Y stores to see if smoking was asked on the application or during the interview process. Answering in the affirmative if questioned on the evils of tobacco products. Not getting the job at ten stores out of ten would have been the smoking gun part of this piece.

Discrimination starts little by little and each time it rears its ugly head and we ALL say it is okay then we have forgotten what freedom is really about. Start practicing the goose step and break out the needle and thread to put that Marlboro patch on all of your clothes if you are a smoker so the true race can spot you in public places.

We need to stop accepting that the government and big brother knows best or we lose the big picture of what America was founded on. Freedom.

As for Big Y, as a consumer and a frequent visitor to one of their stores, and a smoker, I won’t be buying my grocery needs there anymore. Take your buy one and get two free and smoke em!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post! As someone who smoked for 20 years then quit altogether, I "get" parts of both sides of the smoking ban issue. Smoking cigs isn't like smoking pot in that it doesn't cause impairment of judgment that would affect job performance. Employers should have no right to even know if you smoke on your own time ('cept it's near impossible to conceal the smell). A property owner (grocery store owner) certainly can say that his entire property, including the parking lot, is smoke free, but he can't get into people's cars. And it's none of his dang beeswax if an employee goes elsewhere on his 15 to have a smoke. I think it's good, and necessary, that employees and patrons aren't forced to breathe second hand smoke. Great question, why a store that bans smoking would sell smokes. ??

11:30 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks Chell!

I find this practice by this supermarket chain deplorable.

Maybe I'll just go for the buy one get two sales only... I do have five kids to! Now if I can not boycott this store on principal aka check book how the hell am I supposed to quit smoking?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter what others say, I think it is still interesting and useful maybe necessary to improve some minor things

4:14 AM  

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