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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gay Marriage is Safe in Mass a Two Sticks…

What happened in Boston today really was not about Gay or Lesbian people having the ability or right to legally marry. Although I am very much in favor of gay marriage, today was really about our state Constitution and keeping it intact as a living working document that is fair for all citizens of the state. Placing any language in it that bans the personal rights of any individuals happiness is not for the place of government at any level.

Over at the Boston Herald they had this to say about it…

Lawmakers defeat gay marriage ban amendment by five votes
By Casey Ross
Boston Herald Reporter
Thursday, June 14, 2007

The state Legislature has defeated a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage, ending a three-year campaign to overturn its legalization after several lawmakers switched their votes in the final hours of a dramatic legislative battle.

The proposed constitutional ban was defeated in a roll-call vote of both houses of the Legislature shortly after 1 p.m. today, triggering a thunderous ovation by gay couples in the State House. The final tally was 151-45, giving supporters of gay marriage a victory by 5 votes.

The vote means the ban will be blocked from reaching the 2008 ballot, and that gay marriage has survived its final challenge, barring an unlikely effort to resurrect the ban at a later date.
- Boston Herald

For all the folks that were demanding that gay marriage be banned in this state I’d suggest that you look around at your own family. Chances are that someone that you love very dearly is gay. Would it ever be right to deny that person the happiness of having a state recognized lifetime commitment? We should define marriage as love between two people and leave it at that.

Now that the state is out of the peoples personal lives can we get something done about matters that are really important? Is it true that cats and dogs are living together. Now that just isn’t right.


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