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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris is Better Than YOU?

Paris Hilton is all over the news and in some respects I truly feel sorry for this young kid. As a real parent I would not interfere with what is going on in her life because she honestly needs to learn the hard way that life is all about laws. Mom and Dad no matter how rich they are or you are apply to all!

Spoiled brats that think that Mummy and Daddy can get them out of any self induced dilemma will never happen. I applaude the judge in this case for stomping his foot down and letting it be known that a ruling on a case is in fact a ruling on the crime.

Paris Hilton is a train wreck waiting to happen and she has no clear idea what the laws of the land are. Reality for the people that call themselves celebrities is the same for all.

Down the road she might appreciate the strong arm of a judge over the soft wrist slap from parents that think a check written out to a lawyer will make everything better.

Face the facts and pay the price for your own stupidity. If I am not above the law then not one soul on this earth is. Face your demons and pay the price for your ignorance.

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