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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vision is more than just seeing...

Politics is not what it should be anymore. We no longer elect the mind of a President and instead we elect a politically correct image of a President as the media sells it. Watching any main stream media news broadcast you will see the perfect image candidates from both parties that sell air time on the networks and it works. It works for them. If the checks clear then it is simply a business decision from a main stream media perspective. Does it or should it work for America?

Would America elect the homeliest son of a bitch you ever saw in your life today? Tall beyond personal belief and skinny as the day is long and according to historians suffered severe depression? Would we elect him based on his wife not being the perfect example of who might be our First Lady or remotely attempting to be a politician’s wife? No, we wouldn’t and the world we all know would be worse off for it. Thank God President Lincoln didn’t have CNN or Fox or CBS or NBC or ABC to answer to in his day. His message to the people would have been lost during the election on issues of Anorexia. Would America have existed today as we know it without President Abraham Lincoln? Would you vote for him today?

Would America elect a man stricken with Polio that could not walk in today’s media driven election process. Turn the tables around and your nation is in the crapper and five out of ten people you know do not have a job. Our economy is in the crapper and this guy has a plan to get us out of it and he knows how to get it done. Toss in your nation and the world at war and ask yourself if you would trust him to lead your nation in that kind of crisis? Would the wheel chair splashed on every television screen in America make you not vote for him? Would America have survived without the political vision for Franklin D. Roosevelt? Would you vote for his mind or his media image of him today?

I can go through this scenario and cover many President’s with great vision and some could argue that history does not fit today and I would have to say that you are wrong. People that are leaders come from all walks of life in America and that is the beauty of our political system. Our political system is being turned into a side show at a carnival and it does not matter what ideas you have to propose more than it does if your check will clear over at the main stream media.

If this is the vision of the American political system then you can start deciding your votes by picking up the grocery store tabloids as to what politician is wearing the right clothes over what politician offers the best theory for America’s future. My friend is loosing his sight but not his vision and these are words to think about from the GTL and Michael Linn Jones...

Having spent some days not without ONE image of any politician has helped my appetite.

Yet is also brings to my mind the fact that while the eyes let us see, they do not help us think. It is almost a cliché to say that we all take our sight for granted. Maybe true and I hope it’s true for everyone. We all should stop now and then and count our blessings, and despite any travail, at least cling to humor. It is not only the spice of life, but its greatest redeeming factor at time.

And humor is in sore need in times like these. I don’t need to watch a TV to hear the parade of promises and bromides by people who KNOW they will have the reins of government to do those things they see fit as best for….their country? Their agenda?

I’ll go with the latter. I believe we live in precarious times; great challenges await us, or our children. Never more than now do I understand “the vision thing” as mentioned in the Bush 41 years. We need more than money. We need a balance, between the enforced security of the nanny state and the chaos of unfettered economic greed. I disagree with Barack Obama; hope is not audacious, but rather a key ingredient of a healthy republic. Its opposite is cynicism, and we have had more than a full dose of that.

In my mind’s eye I see a land of munchkins claiming the height of a Lincoln or a Jefferson. Too many of these “leaders” show less acuity of vision than I do right now. If you have the gift of sight, then for goodness sake use some focus
- Gun Toting Liberal

My personal thanks to my friend Michael Linn Jones over at the Gun Toting Liberal for inspiring this thought process and commentary.

Be well soon my friend.


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