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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Governor Patrick Presents the Solution to MITT’s Mess

Before everyone goes off the deep end and labels Governor Deval Patrick as the red headed step child that needs to be slapped around every other day lets take a deep breath. Governor Patrick did not have anything to do with the mess he was handed two months ago when he was sworn into office. That mess called the budget, Governor Deval inherited was the bastard step child of former Governor Mitt Romney and the legislature in office over the last four years.

While Mitt was off gallivanting around the nation as our states Governor the store was left unlocked and the money was pouring out of every cash register that the legislature could get their hands on. Was Deval Patrick there when all of this was going on? No he was not! Neither was Governor Romney. That is the hypocrisy of this issue. Nobody is pointing the fingers at Mitt Romney the golden boy of the GOP. Nancy Reagan must have loaned good old Mitt one of Ronnie’s Teflon suit coats because nothing is sticking to him at all.

Critics blast Deval’s cuts to human services, needy: Say gov’s budget plan contradicts promises

By Casey Ross and Jessica Van Sack
Thursday, March 1, 2007

After pledging to protect funding for poor and vulnerable citizens, Gov. Patrick is facing harsh criticism for slashing salaries for social workers, reducing services for the mentally ill and eliminating water-rate relief for cash-strapped homeowners.

“This is the governor who last night said he wasn’t going to balance the budget on the backs of the poorest people in Massachusetts,” said state Sen. Richard Tisei (R-Wakefield). “What we’re looking at today is a direct contradiction to that.”

The criticism emerged after Patrick released a line-by-line accounting of a $26.7-billion budget that slashes spending by $515 million and squeezes businesses for about $300 million in new taxes. The governor’s cuts drew immediate heat yesterday, with human service advocates decrying a $16 million cut to a fund that boosts the salaries of social workers.
- The Boston Herald

It’s kind of ironic that nobody else is pointing to the fact that this is Mitt’s lack of leadership when Governor Patrick by state law has to present a balanced budget. Two months into office and everyone is bitching that their lot in life is our current Governors fault! Yes it is and no it is not his fault. Did he make promises on the campaign trail? Yes he did and as a private citizen he would never know that the budget books were being cooked to the tune of $1.3 Billion dollars in the red by the then forever traveling to other states sitting Governor.

Folks need to wake up and listen to what is reality. Stop pointing the finger at whom is to blame and look at the situation with an open and clear mind. Would Deval Patrick the private citizen have run for the states highest office knowing that the books were out of whack and promising something he could never deliver. The simple answer to that question is a dead flat no.

The Governor is clear that he has a mission that he wants to follow and he can not solve all the states problems but the things he can do he will attack on a one by one basis as he promised in his campaign. With a tight budget his hands are tied but he is a clever individual and progress is all he knows. Cut the guy some slack and let him do the job we elected him for rather than slapping him around for something he had no control over. It's kind of ironic that the Bay State Republican's are mounting this attack on Governor Patrick when they were the ones in good old Mitt's back pocket taking every dollar they could while he was "away" on state business.

On the first Thursday of every month Governor Patrick hosts or participates on a live broadcast on 96.9 FM Talk in Boston to take your calls and talk to you the people of the state. Does he have all the answers, no, but he is brutally honest to a fault about his opinions and where he stands. Margery Eagan and Jim Braude of the Eagan and Braude fame offer the air time to him and if you want to know what your Governor thinks then you should listen in on the first Thursday of every month between one and two in the afternoon. You can call or email the Governor and it will enlighten you.

Sidebar, Jim this is not posted to build your ego, I listen because Margery is a Fox!


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