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Friday, February 16, 2007

Attack’s on Governor Deval Patrick for Things He Takes Advisors Advice?

What the hell do the people of Massachusetts want from their Governor? Someone to do the job or someone to be bitched at if he sneezes or looks at you wrong. This political coverage reminds me of the Boston bussing scenario where all sights were focused on the negative aspects of the situation. The more drama the better for the six o-clock news coverage. Racism is alive and well in Boston Journalism. Let's pull the elected Governor by the people of the state over and strip search the bastard at every towns boarder? NOT! That is what the Herald would have you do...

Cadillac Deval: When not heli-commuting gov rides in style
By Casey Ross and Dave Wedge
Friday, February 16, 2007 - Updated: 02:03 AM EST
Boston Herald

Already facing heat for flying to events in a state police helicopter, Gov. Deval Patrick is now cruising in a pricey, tricked-out Cadillac DeVille at taxpayer expense.

The governor’s new luxury Cadillac DTS sedan is a lease that puts a $1,166-a-month strain on the state budget and replaces the much more modest Crown Victoria that former Gov. Mitt Romney was driven around in.

“Maybe it would be cheaper if he kept using the helicopter,” state Republican Party chairman Peter Torkildsen said last night of Patrick.

Patrick came under fire this week after the Herald reported that he has already taken two taxpayer-funded chopper rides to public events and plans to continue to use the helicopter as he sees fit. Republicans have said he is getting a pass on his helicopter use while former Acting Gov. Jane Swift was lambasted for her infamous 2000 chopper commute.
- The Boston Herald

This is not Mitt Romney that hides the facts as Governor. This is a Governor that wants your feedback and has opened himself up to one hour a month on talk radio on 96.9 FM the first Thursday of every month. Governor Deval Patrick has nothing to hide and you have full access to his office as a citizen of the state.

If a white man followed the advice of the State Police in charge of our Governors security and safety this would not be a story to report. If the press checked the facts then they would know that Ford no longer offers the Crown Victoria as a car model. Matter of fact according to 96.9 FM and Eagan and Braude, the Crown Vic was built in Mexico and the Governor was just in his choice for a vehicle built in the USA by GM! Look for any retraction on this story or more bashing of a new governor to follow. Yellow journalism is back and alive and well.

What is next on the to do list of attacking Deval Patrick? Care to put a heads up list on the front page of the paper so the Governor can honestly answer you before you call him an American abomination? He is our states Governor and I will be in his corner. Feel free to throw all you have. Make sure you check your facts first. Then again, isn’t every reporters responsibility to supposed to do just that first and the Editor reviews the facts for the story after that?

Hell no! Run the presses at full speed! Dirt even if it isn’t true sells papers doesn’t it?

You are good to go Governor Patrick. Do your job and do it well my friend. We the people hve your back.


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