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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Governor Deval Patrick of Mass. Goes 21st Century

There is a ton of attack media going after our new governor here in Mass simply because he commandeers a State Police helicopter for events he attends across the state. Last time I checked he is the Governor of the entire state and the events he is attending are public state wide events that the Governor should be at.

All the confusion of the Governors use of choppers is over our previous Governor Jane Swift who used the service for personal use and not state government business use. Taking a chopper ride back home for Thanksgiving Day she was called on the carpet for it and rightfully so.

If Governor Patrick wants to use a chopper to attend public events where his presence is needed in any part of the state of Massachusetts then I do not have a problem with that.

Flying off the handle: Patrick vehemently defends copter use
By Dave Wedge
The Boston Herald

Gov. Deval Patrick angrily defended his use of a state police helicopter yesterday, vowing to continue taking the taxpayer-funded sky shuttle whenever he sees fit.

“My policy is to use all the resources at my disposal to be the governor of the whole state,” Patrick huffed at the State House. - Boston Herald

Then we have this poor excuse for journalism from another political opinion writer at the same paper… (You have to pretend he isn’t a right winger while you read it.)

Air Deval’s take on using (or abusing) job perks? Just do it
By Howie Carr
Boston Herald Columnist

Gov. Deval Patrick is accustomed to getting a free ride, and so he was shocked yesterday when someone asked him about his latest free rides, in a state police helicopter that once was used for public safety.

“My policy,” Air Deval sniffed, “is to use all the resources at my disposal to be governor of the whole state.”

Translation: “The job don’t mean a thing if you can’t wear the bling.”

Then he said, “Next question,” which should have been this:

“But . . . but . . . what about the carbon footprint, governor?”

Deval, obviously, was taken aback by this lese majeste by a reporter. He’s not used to being questioned, about anything. He’s the king, and he was surrounded by his vassals, the Local Government Advisory Commission - municipal mendicants with their hands out for more local aid. - Boston Herald

Does the opinion writer of this piece think that the state ends at route 128? Obviously. Having read his work for years it is very well known that citizens of this state do not belong or deserve to belong to the state outside of the beltway of Boston when it comes to anything he writes about.

Let’s get to the real issue Rush… I mean Howie, how much do you just really hate all politicians? How much of your writing work do you do just bitching about what is wrong with the government and how much do you write about what is good about our state? Let’s see some percentages on those questions.

My opinion, if the Governor of the state wants to take a chopper to Worcester or North Adams to be the Governor of all the people then it is within his power and right to do so. If he takes it to Worcester to just get a Coney Island hot dog then I too will have an issue with his use of the State Police choppers.

Who was paying for good old Governor Mitt Romney to be traveling all over the country in his run up to be a candidate for President of the United States of America while supposedly being the Governor of Mass? Could it be the taxpayers as well footing that bill too?


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