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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Election Theft is Un-American

No matter what state you live in that is about to vote, be it California, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota or Oregon, your vote is more important now than all of the rest of the states that have already voted.  Your vote is up to you but do you think denying the right of 165,000 people in Brooklyn, NY to vote is right?  Brooklyn just happens to be Bernie and Jane Sanders home town where they both grew up just a few blocks apart.  Do you think that rigging the vote in Arizona by shutting down polling stations to a third of what used to be open is voter suppression?  Do you believe that it was a legitimate state convention in Nevada where they dismissed 60 of Sanders delegates and just 4 of Clinton's delegates because of credentials?  Can you flip a coin six times in a row like they did in Iowa to decide a caucus for Hillary?  Do you think it is right for a former President to block entrance to several polling places for hours like Bill Clinton did in Massachusetts?

This list goes on and on for every single state.  Voter suppression and rigging the vote is real.  But it only seems to effect Bernie Sanders for some odd reason?  Then we have news reports that Hillary Clinton is courting GOP donors from the Jeb Bush campaign!  She moved so far to the center before the primary was even over that she went to Republicans for donations?  Google it, I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.  She must be so desperate for cash to finish running that she had to go to the people on the opposite political aisle begging. 

As Americans we always root for the underdog, and in this case it is Senator Bernie Sanders.  Bernie has never lied about his chances at winning this race, he has always said it was going to be a long up hill fight to the end.  And he was right just like he was on the vote on the Iraq war.  How many times are they going to keep kicking him down though?  How many ways can they lie and steal and disrupt the vote for our President?  A friend of mine once said that if you kick a dog hard enough and often enough they will eventually fight back and that is never a good thing for you or the dog.

Enough is enough.  Bernie Sanders needs your vote America.  He can only lead us if we vote for him.  Don't let the election be stolen.  Check your voter registration online.  Print out a copy to take with you to vote.  Your vote is critical and needed to stop our country from being sold to the top 1%.

As always, pleas phone bank and donate at  We need you to vote loud and clear that this election is about what is right for America and theft is never acceptable no matter where it happens



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