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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Renewable Energy News Update

This is just a quick round-up of Renewable Energy news items for this past week that are going on in America.

SunPower and Iberdrola To Build 30-MW Solar Plant

Colorado, United States -- SunPower said this week that it's going to design, build and supply panels for a 30-MW PV project in Colorado. The project, called the San Luis Valley Solar Ranch, will begin construction this year. If all goes as planned, the plant will be fully operational by 2011. – Renewable Energy World.Com

Calico Solar Project a GO

San Bernardino, California - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger applauded the California Energy Commission (CEC) decision today to approve the Calico Solar Project, the seventh solar thermal power plant licensed by the state in the past two months, totaling 3,493 megawatts (MW) of renewable solar power.

The Calico Project will generate 664 MW of clean, renewable energy and create nearly 900 jobs in San Bernardino County. – Imperial Valley News

Wood Pellet Manufacturer’s List

If you have a wood pellet stove in your home or business then this handy list of manufacturer’s of wood pellets might be of use to you. Give them a call to find the nearest retail or distributor for their wood pellet products for your home heating needs.

And if you are curious how the mechanics of a wood pellet stove works then check out

Wood Pellet stoves have become more and more popular as an alternative to fossil fuels for home heating because of their renewable source. Installation is fairly simple where the exhaust from the stove can be vented straight out the wall. Unlike tradition wood stoves where you have to constantly feed the fire, you simply fill the hopper with wood pellets, set the desired heat level, and enjoy the heat for hours on end.

Wind Power Offshore Mega Watt News

Wind turbine MW output is going up and up and that is always a good thing for the planet. With the massive potential to feed the energy needs of America located just off of our coasts it’s awesome to see one industry pair up with another to solve the many technical problems associated with offshore wind power.

Turbine OEM and shipbuilder launch offshore agreement

A wind energy OEM and a shipbuilding operating in Newport News, Virg., have agreed to cooperate on offshore wind technology. The agreement calls for the companies to cooperate on the U.S. launch of Gamesa’s first G11X-5.0 MW offshore prototype using Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding’s expertise in heavy load logistics, systems performance, and reliability and the applications of such technologies offshore. To erect the first G11X-5.0 MW offshore prototype in the U.S., Gamesa and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding are setting up an initial team of as many as 40 engineers in the Hampton Roads, Virginia over the next month. – Wind Power Engineering

Check back soon for more updates and breakthroughs.


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