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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bancroft School Solar Power

Changing the world and how power is used or understood starts with education of the next generation. In Worcester, MA the Bancroft School is taking the lead in New England by going mega solar powered. Installing and powering up enough solar panels to provide 25% of the schools electric energy needs.

You have to give proper respect to the community for grabbing the energy usage bull by the horns and showing the kids how their school can make a difference in the way energy is produced for a common good. Locally, and globally.

On October 8, 2010 at 1 p.m. the Bancroft School community, with local and state officials on hand, will converge at the McDonough Center to celebrate the installation of 462 high-efficiency solar panels at a special dedication ceremony.

The solar electric system will be the largest private installation within the City of Worcester, producing more than 117,000-kilowatt hours of electricity annually or approximately 25% of the building’s energy needs over an entire year.

“Bancroft leads by example in providing our students with the tools and knowledge to be conscientious citizens of the globe,” said Scott R. Reisinger, Head of Bancroft School. “We have a strong record of sustainability and I am proud to see our School join with the greater Worcester community in further expanding our clean energy reach.”

Worcester has already been named by the Commonwealth as one of the first green communities in Massachusetts. The solar electric system capacity is rated at 106.2 kW and will add to the City’s reputation as a stronghold of alternative energy-conscious organizations. - Bancroft School

Bancroft School joins Holy Name High with its wind turbine that can be seen for miles from many of the highways that pass through Worcester as the foundation for going green with energy generation. In both cases it is a huge push toward moving our entire society away from energy sources that burden progress in a world that has to find new and clean ways to feed its energy needs.

The real bonus here and now is the green jobs thanks to the people that helped make it all possible for the school to stand proud.

Future Solar Systems, LLC, of Millbury, MA which designed the solar electric system, coordinated the installation, secured investors, and provided a comprehensive curriculum for solar, wind and energy efficiency for faculty to incorporate into the science and math programs. The solar panels are made by Canadian Solar, with inverters made by Solectria Renewables of Lawrence, MA. The system was financed by a combination of Millbury Credit Union and private investment.

Bancroft School rocks in the green energy school directory. So do the folks working in the new green energy field.


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