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Friday, January 15, 2010

Alan Grayson Kicks Big Business Butt

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Whoever it was that said that you can’t beat big business when it comes to politics didn’t know the freshman Congressman from Florida’s 8th district was in the House taking names and kicking butt.

Do you remember all the dirty big business money in the last Presidential election? Do you remember all the back door contributions to all the campaigns that tried to sway political opinion and possibly the elections. Does it piss you off that mega corporations can donate more money to a political campaign than most companies make in a year to win political favors after the election?

Alan Grayson remembers it all and he is the only politician in Washington DC with the guts to stand up against it!

Alan Grayson Introduces Bills To Fight Corporate Money In Politics
Arthur Delaney // The Huffington Post

15 Jan 2010 // Anticipating a Supreme Court decision that could free corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) introduced five bills on Wednesday to choke off the expected flood of corporate cash.

"We are facing a potential threat to our democracy," Grayson said in an interview with HuffPost. "Unlimited corporate spending on campaigns means the government is up for sale and that the law itself will be bought and sold. It would be political bribery on the largest scale imaginable."

Grayson introduced a handful of bills on Wednesday -- the Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act, the Corporate Propaganda Sunshine Act, the End Political Kickbacks Act, and two other measures.

The Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act would impose a 500 percent excise tax on corporate contributions to political committees and on corporate expenditures on political advocacy campaigns. The Corporate Propaganda Sunshine Act would require public companies to report what they spend to influence public opinion on any matter other than the promotion of their goods and services. The End Political Kickbacks Act would restrict political contributions by government contractors.

The other measures would apply antitrust regulations to political committees and bar corporations from securities exchanges unless the corporation is certified in compliance with election law.

Check it all out over at CREW and fire away in the comments. I know that I am happy as all get out to have somebody getting the corporations out of the peoples elections. Rock on Congressman Grayson, the little folks out here really appreciate it!

Thanks to Jet for the hat tip’.

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Blogger Sue said...

Grayson is one of the good guys, he's gonna be president one day you watch!!

Hope you are well Mat, job news?? xoxoxo

10:26 PM  

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