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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Center of American Politics

Current events in politics such as Senators retiring, Congressional members retiring or opting out of running for re-election has brought up an interesting point to consider. When you look at the makeup of what our government really is then you have to come to the conclusion that neither political party is truly ever in control of the government. The office of President can not be won by running a campaign as a die hard Democrat or Republican without winning over the majority of center or moderates that have no particular political affiliation. Which then brings up the point on what particular political party is truly in control of the American experiment and that would be NONE.

I find it ironic that Democrats are now supposedly running in fear of loosing control of the government to Republicans when the Republicans are running in fear because the Democrats might control the government after the next election. The key word in that entire point is fear. Fear is a very confusing word depending on the context of how it is used and when it comes to politics you can toss the dictionary and thesaurus down the toilet and wait for the septic tank to explode.

If you looked at our nation in a hypothetical situation where everyone was a moderate, and if you are honest with yourself, you actually are, and our government was run based on moderate legislation, then these are just a few of the things you might have seen happening.

The banking crisis would have been resolved and actually fixed rather than having hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at it by expressly telling banks that they are not in business to make more money per quarter than their equal in the business sector that is manufacturing a product.
Our health care system would have been fixed forty years ago and made much better over time without ever needing an HMO or insurance company to tell any American if they can or can not afford the payments to actually be sick. Doctors could actually practice medicine rather than shuffle sixteen copies of paperwork to give a patient an aspirin.

The housing bubble would never have become a bubble that could burst because lenders would never have been allowed to give out mortgages that have balloon payments or zero principal payment terms or loans given out to people that could never afford to make the payments in the first place. Common sense would have been the housing market basis of lending rather than Las Vegas odds makers and Wall Street hyper greed.

Factories closing in small town America and reopening in even smaller town Mexico or China would have been a justified reason to closely look at corporations practicing such cannibalism to our economy and penalize them rather than reward them with tax breaks. And stockholders would pay a penalty on their dividends for expecting more money for less effort by its companies board of directors that find this practice acceptable. Innovations and experimentation into new products is what American companies does best, Mexico and China can only copy that when given the blue prints to do so by Wall Street.

You get the idea. So next time somebody says they are a Democrat or Republican there should be a little bubble that pops up over their head that states, “Except for…”

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Blogger Sue said...

Mat you truly are one smart guy! Fear rules our country sadly and if our politicians actually worked for the people and whats good for us we would be in great shape and truly the best country on earth! Why isn't Washington listening to YOU! xoxo

11:06 AM  

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