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Monday, August 17, 2009

Glenn Beck is a Racist

It makes me really pissed off whenever I see racism in America. I don’t care where it is coming from or whom it is directed at but I have no stomach for it. I thought and I may have been ignorantly blessed that the KKK was a dead organization but Glenn Beck of Fox News actually had the audacity to call President Obama a racist against all white people? Somebody buy that dude a sheet to hide his face and some boards to build a cross to ignite on the White House lawn. I will be damned if I will ever buy one single product from anyone that spends money advertising on this idiots show on Fox!

"This president has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people ... this guy is, I believe, a racist." - Color of Change

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Color of Change is running a ban on Fox News show host Glenn Beck and it is gaining momentum with Fox News advertisers. And it SHOULD! Advertisers are bailing out on Fox. Glenn Beck came on as a guest for the morning show and gave his personal opinion of the President. That is not the so called “Entertainment” point of his so called show. He called the President of the United States of America a racist. His own personal opinion. So it is only right that the people paying this man to have his “Personal” opinion have a say when he not only steps over the line but burns the bridge, a cross, and pretty much declares himself a racist against the first African American President.

Just a snippet from the Huffington Post that I found on Memeorandum on the progress of the ban called for by on Fox News and Glenn Beck…

Big news today. We've confirmed that eight more major advertisers have pulled their support from Glenn Beck's show -- Wal-Mart, Best Buy, CVS, Travelocity, Allergan (maker of Restasis), Ally Bank, Broadview Security, and Re-Bath.

Overall, twenty advertisers have now ended their support of Beck.
- Huffington Post

My congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the advertisers that sent Fox News a firm message by pulling the checkbook on this moron and the network that supports his personal message of hate to America. This lily white Irish American has not one ounce of patience for hatred in my country and Fox News should just fire Glenn Beck for being an idiot with a loaded gun that happens to be his mouth.

For the record, I am fully supporting Color of Change in their mission to plead with all Fox News advertisers to pull all of their funding from his show.


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Blogger sue said...

yes he is, the worst of the worse!!

BTW sweetie, I really never considered myself as a MOM to you, afterall, I am just 53 even tho I am a granny!! LOL!!! Please don't start calling me Ma'am!! lolol

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess Glenn Beck forgot that it was George Bush who is the racist.I guess he wasn't paying attention.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Scarlettknights said...

Kudos for the Alinsky styled argument. Those opposed to Obama are not opposed to him personally, nor to
his race or color but to his politics......... i.e. his far left policies. Funny how quickly the left forgets the rule of law, that we live in a representative republic.

Alinsky would be proud, what a perfect tactic......... anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies is automatically tagged as a bigoted racist.

10:15 AM  

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