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Monday, June 01, 2009

Stereotyping Crime

Bonnie Sweeten pulled a John Stuart (Murdered his pregnant wife in Boston and blamed it on a black man he made up) and blamed a black man for abducting her and putting her and her child in the trunk of his car. The only problem was that she in fact went to Disney World in Florida and there was no abduction while she and her daughter vacationed! Luxury accommodations to boot! She was just released on one million bail.

I’m pissed and I’m not even an African American! This crime by Bonnie Sweeten is right up their with the idiot that used her car mirror to carve a backwards “B” in her forehead and blamed a black man for it during the closing months of the Presidential election. This crap of pulling out all the stops and racially profiling one nationality is over the edge racism by this woman. It makes no sense to me at all and I dare anyone to try and talk me into why it makes sense. This woman should be charged with a hate crime along with any other charges they can slam her butt with. There should have been no bail for her sorry ass!

Since I’m not supposed to copy and paste any Associated Press articles you can click here for the MSNBC link to the article. Cross your fingers that I don’t get sued for linking to an AP article hosted on MSNBC.

This pisses me off because there is racial profiling in our nation and it is rampant. I have many friends that are African American, one is a local police officer, another friend is a Turnpike worker, another is just a guy doing a job fixing stuff at a medical school, another is a friend that works with kids with Down Syndrome, another friend works at a nursing home taking care of the elderly. I could go on but I should not have to. These are all hard working Americans and several of them have kids in our nations military. Why does a person like Bonnie Sweeten identify them all as a people and criminals? Where does she get off and the main stream media get a pass moving on as if they didn’t participate in her crime as well. Has any broadcast journalist on the network news apologized for stereotyping African Americans like Bonnie Sweeten did? “We apologize to report to our African American viewers and listeners that we wrongly reported the Bonnie Sweeten story.” That would be nice, won’t happen, but it would be nice to see and hear.

There once was a time in America where all of the Irish immigrants and all of their children were labeled as criminals and deviants of society. Same goes for the Italians, Germans, Jews, and the list goes on. If you were not Anglo Saxon then you were scum. We as a people all fought hard to overcome that label and our African American friends are doing the same thing today. I back them and congratulate them for standing proud.

Crimes happen in our country every single day and the ones committing them are not always black. Yes they are Irish, Italian, Polish, German, French, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Russian, Greek, Muslim, Catholic, Jew, Protestant, and yes sometimes African American. The end thought here is that crime knows of no ethnic boundaries and neither does the law. All of them end up going to jail and that is where Bonnie Sweeten should go for this hate crime.


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