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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Republican Oxymoron Revolt

We all know that military intelligence is an oxymoron. Now we can also apply the oxymoron to the Republican “Tea Baggers” who are now against tax cuts for 95% of Americans. Somehow, under the Bush Presidency tax cuts are true blood American values but under the Obama Presidency it is Fascism? Somebody clue me in? A tax cut is a tax cut. How the hell is that Fascism?

CNN reporters attended the tea parties on tax day and they were accosted for not towing the political line…

I can’t comprehend what it means to be a die hard Republican. I just can’t. If you love our nation so much, would be willing to send your sons or daughters into harms way in our military, would promote tax cuts for the last decade for everyone in big business, then why do you honestly back a political party that treats wounded veterans like crap, and now you have a problem with a tax cut for 95% of Americans?

Make no doubt about it, the Republican Party has been hijacked by the extreme right wing factions. Just as the left wing of the Democrat Party tried to hijack our political party but failed. Make no doubt about it, I don’t feel bad at all for the extreme right or left but I have comfort in knowing that the middle of the aisle will come to bare.

As for the extreme right and left of politics, screw you both! I live in the real world and so does the rest of America. We don’t need your bull anymore than we need to set fire to our homes in protest of any issue just because you can scream louder than anyone else.

What kills me is the fact that if you ask a Republican how President Obama is Fascist or Socialist, they don’t have a clear answer? So that works out to that I’m pissed because he isn’t a Repubican?

If Republican’s want a political culture war then lets do it. Let’s
talk and lets do it. Bring your best ideas to the table, oh wait, your
people in the congress already did that and your own Republican
party voted against it. They have lived up to the party of “No”
that has become the consensus for any vote in the Congress.

The point to be made is this, there is no political consensus in the
Republican Party and that is not a bad thing for America right now.


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Blogger by Michael Boh said...

I agree PapaM - BRING IT ON!!! I'm willing to pit our best people and ideas against their best people and ideas ANYTIME!!! Unfortunately, they don't play that way. That would be too fair. :)

12:11 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

I agree with you, Oom pah pah, about the extreme right and the extreme left, both detrimental to their respective parties. One is just as susceptible to propaganda as the other. I know! I am thankful that I still have visitors every day reading my “Detecting propaganda” post. That’s worth the whole effort of blogging! BJ

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tea Baggers... There was a small turnout even in our rural area. I wonder if many of them knew exactly what they were protesting?

Well, grab a cup of tea or whatever you prefer, and fire up a new post, 'cause you are nominated for the Parent of the Year Award. :)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Why is nObama a socialist? He believes in universal healthcare paid for by the hardworkers tax dollars and used most by the lazy, uncontributing bunch. He supports government control of banks and corporations. His words of peace to our known enemies *the ones who had to do with 9-11* are an invitation for more attacks.
I am not a radical right wing Republican, I am a Puby though. I believe abortion should be the choice of the mother and father, or mother in a case with no father or rape. I believe whatever you do in your bedroom is your choice, and if you want to marry the marry. I do not believe in god, a god, or any gods and that actually the minute a politician starts saying things about god or bible they really turns me off to them. Seperation of church and state to me means a politician can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Satanist, Scientologist, it doesnt matter...teir religious beliefs dont apply to politics. If they start using their religion to judge their choices, boot them out. Religion has no presidence in politics, because politicians are ALL soulless bastards. I believe in torturing known enemies for information, because you cannot and will not get them to tell you valuable LIFE SAVING information willingly. You ever asked an insurgent or terrorist where his buddies or weapons or something is? They dont always like to talk, and playing nice doesnt help out. If you have to play dirty go for it, remember they threw the first punch.
The federal government is a failure, it has grown to a position where the people no longer matter, its about them keeping their power and continuing to be professional politicians. I havent seen a real leader in a long time. nObama isn't a leader, hes a talker. I will give him credit that he has charisma, he can make you feel good about the way things are. But he is not a leader. Bush wasnt a leader, he just had a tough situation thrown at him in his first term, what would you of done if you had to lead a nation through the biggest terrorist attack on US soil? He didnt have a choice to go to war with Afgahnistan, and then he and others started to realize there as a safe haven in Iraq for these guys. That Saddam was a major threat, whether you want to believe it or not there was WMDs there, but we gave him plenty of time to move those out of the country to some place safe. Now we are 1 less dictator in control of a country.
nObama said no more troops, yet my friends and brothers are being sent over to the wars still. I have a friend who just recently got boots on the ground in Iraq for the 3rd time. So what happened to his "promise" of no more troops, pull out blah blah blah? Oh yea, a deadline...great call, now the insurgents can plan a better attack plan. He i not a leader, he is a talker.
I am fed up wit liberal media giving all the bad side of the Republican party, they never talk down on the liberals. Why is it we never got to hear all about nObama and his associatiation with Bill Ayers? Oh yea, thats right...they just met in passing and never actually had dinner together, or spent time together. Right, thats just radical Puby propoganda. Not like the liberals control 90% of the media and made sure the real story didnt come out. Not like the liberal media creates this bubble to show everyone the bad side of the wars. Propoganda.
I had my picture taken a few times by some liberal press, different agencies, and everytime i read the story afterwards it never mentioned the good things, just how many people in my unit were dead, how many IEDs we hit and how often, what our hours were like. Never about the good we did, helping the locals, givin out food and water. Nope, none of that...because that makes for happy people, and liberals like fear.
Pubys are realists when it comes to the threats to our nation. They know that the terrorist groups want us dead, no compromise. But the Dems, well they think we can make buddy buddy and stop the killing. Not gonna happen. But they can spin that into American media as though we are the bad guys and we want wars.
I am a secessionist, i lost faith in our government. The people need to realize the politicans we "elected" to represent us no longer represent us, but more themselves and their special interest groups.

8:01 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Well, Dan, that about covers everything. Oh, wait, boxers or briefs?

8:52 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Boxers, I need some room to breathe.

9:43 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Dan: It seems to me that Papamoka has given you plenty of room to breathe. If your gripe is people who don't love this country, you've come to the wrong blog. BJ

11:04 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

It's just ironic that people say they love this country, both sides, but one side always says the other is wrong for their way. I love this country and I have my ideas of how I believe things would be better done. Though when I voice those ideas I get flak for it everytime. My ideas are wrong, corrupted, radical.

8:04 AM  

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