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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Loving Margaret and Helen

I’ve been reading Margaret and Helen off and on for a couple of months and a friend and co-writer here on Papamoka pointed out an amazing response by Helen on Ann Culter’s latest book. I love these two woman simply because they can say it like it is and just don’t care what anyone thinks. The kicker is, Margaret and Helen are not teenagers with an attitude on Facebook or MySpace, or even some other social network, but two retired American woman in their late years on their own website just talking about the things they each have an opinion on. They are an internet and independent blogger miracle story that should be hailed across the main stream media but they are happy just passing notes to one another on their blog. Notes that you and I can read and enjoy.

Check this out from Helen on Ann Culter…

For those of you just joining us, I am summarizing Ann Coulter’s new book for my friend Margaret so she doesn’t have to buy it herself. It’s kind of my version of Cliffs Notes except I call it Hell ‘N Notes because reading an Ann Coulter book is like visiting hell… only this time the devil wears Prada in a ladies shoe size 17. They should give me a medal for this kind of sacrifice!


For those of you who think I am being a bit hard on Ann and in particular her gigantic feet, let me spell it out for you. You know what they say about big feet right? Well, in Ann’s case the shoes fit. Here is the other joke she made about murdered children. Reprinted without edit:

In 2003, single mother Amanda Hamm, twenty-seven years old, drowned her three young sons, aged six, three and twenty-three months, so she could move to St. Louis with her boyfriend. It would have been a lot of trouble to bring the boys with them. Apparently, the prospect of hearing “are we there yet?” for eight hours was just too daunting for Amanda.

So you tell me. Am I being too hard on her?

Well Margaret, that brings us to the conclusion of another chapter from the best selling author, Ann Sasquatch Coulter. I think I’ll go pour myself a strong drink and pull out my fingernails. But do come back soon because I will eventually find the strength to read the next chapter. I mean it. Really.
- Margaret and Helen

I love these two ladies and the way they think. I could picture my kids grandmother writing very much similar posts if she were still with us and the same for my wife’s grandmother too if she were still with us. Now those were two old broads that didn’t take crap from anybody and told it like it is. Like it or not and you did not sas them back with an opinion because they could each site facts and figures and put you back in your place with total recall memory.

Margaret and Helen should post a contribute button on the website because I would gladly toss them the cost of Ann Culter’s book their way and I‘m sure I would not be the only reader willing to do so. They saved me the cost of buying the book and tearing Ann Culter’s neck a new Adams Apple! Oh wait, you can support them by clicking here! Please do so and thank them for their talent.


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Blogger Pink Granite said...

Margaret & Helen weren't on my radar. I'm off to check them out...
Thanks for the recommendation!
- Lee

10:17 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

You are going to love them both Lee! I tossed them in our sidebar for a permanent link so feel free to click away on their latest antics every time you visit Papamoka!

I get such a rush out of reading them!

10:34 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

OMG!!! I clicked on your link and thought I would check out Margaret and Helen. Spent half the morning reading, going from one post to the next, couldn't tear myself away. Clever as hell and too, too funny. I'm passing the word along about their blog, and they definitely get a DemWit link. BJ

11:39 AM  

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