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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Risk’s GOP Slap

One has to give President Obama credit for daring to go into the lions den of Republican’s on Capitol Hill on behalf of the stimulus package and the American people. Umm, when was the last time you saw an American President kiss the ass of the Congress on any issue? Could this be a signal of the Obama style of politics has actually proven out and if the issue is important enough, the Congress can expect a visit from the executive branch of our nation and its leader? When was the last time you heard of this happening other than a television episode of the West Wing?

The President does not need to visit the capitol, the capitol needs to visit the White House! It was a large mistake in my opinion for President Obama to over reach to the right side of the political aisle in such a gesture. When the dinner table is set, the food is on the table, you do not change the menu simply because a few of the kids will not eat the peas and carrots. Mom likes peas and carrots, Dad likes peas and carrots, and the rest of the children in the family are eating peas and carrots with the rest of their dinner. Why the hell is President Obama bending over backwards for the die hard Republicans that will vote against the stimulus package regardless of what is in it?

MSNBC has this video on it…

Video Link

Reports out of the media are running the gambit depending on what television network you watch or what news media you depend on. The simple truth is that President Obama did not need to kiss anyone’s back side to get his stimulus package passed. To be honest with you, I don’t like the idea of President Obama calling anyone in the Senate or the House his colleagues. The Senate and House members can hide behind the school of fish in the numbers in the congress, the President answers to nobody but we the people. The same people that voted for CHANGE.

Ask the people what we want President Obama and let the flood gates of the people slam the dissenters of your stimulus package phone lines and email in boxes. We appreciate your taking the walk down to the hill but we elected you as President and not the minority members of the Congress. It’s called CHANGE!


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Anonymous Frodo Carville said...

Frodo respectfully casts a positive vote in behalf of President Obama's action, which was "dissed" in your article. The way that Frodo sees it is found in the response to Obama from the Republicans, most of whom seem to laud him for his effort and his conciliatory approach. As politicians, they responded to the Democrats in Congress and placed a lot of blame on them for loading the stimulus package with traditional pork, which may or may not be true. Their wisdom was to not fly in the face of public opinion, which leans heavily to the President. Unwittingly, what the Republicans have done is to aid Obama in his position against earmarks and traditional overspending, especially by his own party, by removing him from the fray. You won't hear Obama lecturing Nancy Pelosi, but it does put her head-to-head with John Boehner. Frodo likes those odds.
Obama is a much better political strategist than your comments suggest. He didn't kiss any body's butt; he kicked it.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Frodo, I can see your point but do you not think that the Office of President for his first 100 days should be from a strength point? President Obama won the election and is now on his honeymoon Presidency tour. I honestly believe that his recent actions and visiting the Republican's in their domain was a mistake.

And yet I can see your point that he let them paint the canvas politically to show their true colors. In that respect he kicked a perfect goal in the uprights if we were using Super Bowl terminology.

Thank you for the comment and dare I say very intriguing discussion on the topic. Kudo's to ya my friend!

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Frodosalutin'daman said...

Your question is solid, but remember, Obama said he wanted to change the way things were done in Washington. He knew he could win that vote without the Republicans, but what he was doing was changing the appearance of "power politics." He didn't have to strong arm the Republicans, so he offered them some carrots for the next fight. I tell ya, he is painting them into a corner, and it may take four years for the paint to dry.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I see your point Frodo and I have to agree with you! I would have mentioned you by name in my latest post but I thought that would not be appropriate "My Friend".

You rock and I thank you for your honest and well thought out debate.

8:44 PM  

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