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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Idiotic Political Stance on Stimulus

While it is wise to be conservative when it comes to our government spending it is idiotic to think that the government has absolutely no business interfering in the free markets of our economy when our nation is facing an economic depression. Republicans in the Congress are railing against the stimulus package simply because they have always been conservative when it comes to their constituents. What about the same constituents that are getting pink slips all over their districts? While Republicans demand fiscal responsibility they miss the point that many of the people that voted for them in the past have now been laid off or facing a layoff and will depend on unemployment insurance to feed their families and live on.

Unemployment benefits to the states is included in the stimulus package for Republican voters as well as Democrats, Independents, Green Party and the notorious moderates that have no clue as to which side of the fence to sit on from issue to issue facing the long road to finding some form of employment. Are unemployed Republicans not going to sign up for unemployment insurance? I can understand Bernie Madoff not signing up for benefits but that is another topic for another post.

Over at The Atlantic, Marc Ambinder has some interesting thoughts of the Hoover’esque style of Republican Congressional leadership and its members on why they are trying every tactic possible to stop any stimulus to our economy and why it is failing in public opinion…

The Political Case For The Stimulus, If You're A Vulernable Republican
28 Jan 2009 10:58 am

Over a 48 hour period when 100,000 job layoffs have been announced, Hill Republicans have decided to take a stand against the stimulus.

Now - President Obama's approval rating is about 70%;
Congressional approval is still around 20%;

After the election, Democrats still have a 9 point lead in generic identification.

The public approves of the stimulus plan by a very large margin - the numbers vary with the wording of the poll question, but it's at least a plus 40%.

Obama is the most talented political figure of our generation - Boehner and McConnell are, uh, less talented.

Obama's got the megaphone, they've got...

Republicans are trying to use fiscal discipline as their excuse for opposition, but they whistled away that former strength away over Bush's presidency.

- The Atlantic and Marc Ambinder

A good friend reminded me in the comment section on another post what politics is really all about and that some folks do okay with government politics and others excel at it. The end result of what you want achieved is all in the dance steps and ability to know the tempo of the music. While I didn’t think President Obama should be kissing the Republican leadership back side, I do see that he let them paint the canvas and paint it they did. President Obama is seeing an approval rating not seen in decades by the American people because of his desire for true bipartisan politics and leadership. Thus I believe we elected the right person for the times ahead of us. President Obama.

Republicans would rather see the American people suffer simply because they can stand on millionaire bank account standards. The Republican members only solution to the economic crisis is more tax cuts for the mega rich and that is the end of the discussion. Could that be that not one single Republican member of the Congress has a net worth of less than a million dollars? Extending the Bush era tax cuts and the trickle down theory will save the nation… NOT! Big business tax cuts for the benefit of the few and nothing for the people that used to work on the factory floors that just need to find a new job somewhere else is the Republican mantra. Get a job you dead beats, even if it is at one quarter of the pay you had just a few months before is their mentality. That my friends is the “Let them eat cake” thought process and we all know what happened to the person that the quote was uttered from.

Word to the wise to you deadbeats (Republican Terminology, not mine), don’t apply for work at Home Depot and the hundreds of other minimum wage employers and companies that are announcing thousands of layoffs per day. They are not hiring because the economy is in a tailspin. Hoover did nothing and we all know the result of his inaction. So that makes my point that Republicans are just playing the field against the stimulus and their election or re-election will tell the tale in 2010. The “I’ve got Mine” mentality is not about the lower and middle classes of America when it comes to anything the Republican Party and their representatives in government are concerned. Buy a freaking apple cart and start your own small business!

This all makes me wonder if you have to be a millionaire to be a Republican elected leader and speak from such a higher than tho pulpit.


Update 10:04 PM 1/28/2009
Not one Republican in the House voted for the current stimulus plan that passed in the Congress late today. President Obama wins the higher road benefits in the peoples hearts.

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Blogger mberenis said...

Obama is a great president. His presence is impacting grants like no other president prior. Grant funding for minorities and middle class have increased nearly 10,000% in the past week.

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Largest Grant Amounts in History!

10:25 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

"The same man who tells you that he does not want to see the government interfere in business-and he means it, and has plenty of good reasons for saying so-is the first to go to Washington and ask the government for a prohibitory tariff on his product. When things get just bad enough-as they did two years ago-he will go with equal speed to the United States government and ask for a loan ..." FDR, 1932.

2:06 AM  

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