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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Egg Salad Inauguration

We buy eggs by the 18 count at the grocery store simply because we have five baby girls to feed. Depending on what supermarket we go to, the eggs in the 18 count pack will be brown or white. Makes no difference to me, eggs are eggs, the kids just love eggs for breakfast, lunch, or anytime. Over easy with buttered toast and bacon, hard boiled straight out of the shell, egg salad sandwiches, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, omelets with ham and cheese, and of course, our family favorite, Westerns with ground up ham and onions and the rest of the desired additional ingredients served up personally by Papamoka aka Daddy for each member of the family. Most of all they love egg salad sandwiches. Mom makes it one way and Dad another. End result, full bellies, happy bellies, and happy children. Eggs are just eggs no matter the color of the shell.

Over at Reuters they have this on race relations and the incoming 44th President of the United States…

Obama inauguration turns page in race relations
Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:18pm EST

By Matthew Bigg
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Anyone looking for evidence of the change represented by the United States electing an African-American as president could start with the White House itself. It was built 200 years ago using black slave labor.

Tuesday's inauguration of Barack Obama marks a feel-good moment for the country. Many hope it is a sign that America's travails over race, older than the country itself, are being resolved.

Outgoing President George W. Bush was quick to make the point in his farewell address, saying that Obama's story -- his black father was from Kenya, his white mother from Kansas -- represents "the enduring promise of our land."

For black Americans, the moment is particularly poignant.

"When Barack raises his hand, every black person in the nation should raise their hand because there's a new sense of pride that we have in being an American that we've never had before," said Lawrence Carter, dean of the Martin Luther King International Chapel at Atlanta's Morehouse College.
- Reuters

Racism in America makes about as much sense as segregating brown eggs from white eggs while you are boiling eggs for egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Just today we had half a carton of white eggs and half a carton of brown eggs in the fridge. All of them went into the same boiling hot water and it came to me that I was making an Obama egg salad! Politically, he has brought the racism out of politics and turned a page on how our future will be for all people in America. We are all in the same melting hot pot together in today’s economic crisis and the only difference between us all is the color of the shell on the egg. And what do we all do with the shells of the eggs when we peel them away to reveal the gem underneath to make egg salad? We toss the shells in the damn trash. All eggs are the same, and so are all people. Especially here in America.

Much like snowflakes, nobody makes egg salad the same but we all love it! I wonder how Martin Luther King Jr. would have liked his egg salad on Tuesday? I’m pretty sure he would have loved to taste a bite of the Obama egg salad sandwich.

Happy Birthday Doctor King. Your work and tragic loss made this all possible. Have a sandwich, all we have is egg salad! Your dream has come true and it comes with a mix of special ingredients we all call Americans. And my congratulations to Barack Obama for having a job that nobody in their right mind would want during these difficult days. Grab an egg salad sandwich Barack, you are going to need to keep your strength up my friend.


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