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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Unemployment to Spike

Now that the American economic engine is supposedly in the toilet courtesy of the Republican lead Bush administration we need to remember the basics of humanity. Many millions will lose their jobs over the next couple of months and we can all thank a President that only cared about the elite amongst us. We are only lost if we lose sight of the bigger picture in our lives. If you have family, friends, and I got you Babe…

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One constant in life will never change as you walk through the tough times in your life is the ones you love who will be there by your side through it all. Hang in there, times are tough, jobs are scarce but new and brighter days are ahead. I got you babe and your future is ten times better under Obama‘s leadership than George (Screw you middle and lower class workers) Bush.


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Blogger B.J. said...

Mat and Michael:

I’ve caught up on your posts. Good reading! Loved the Muslim cemetery story. And, oh, those great songs to make us feel good. Throw in “Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat just for me, LOL. Michael, how many times did we hear George W. Bush standing in the rose garden with his rose-colored glasses talking about how strong the economy was. He knew. He just though he could fool all the people all the time.

Keep up the good work, lads!


2:12 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the push with your email BJ!!! I loved that :)

6:44 PM  

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