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Monday, December 01, 2008

America in Recession

Back in the days of the late sixties there was a great song by Scott MacKenzie about going to San Francisco and wearing flowers in your hair. With the recent downturn of our nations economy and the gloom and doom coming from all corners of the markets we need to think about the big picture. This nation is not built of companies but of people working together to provide a product, a service, and information. We can get passed this recession thing and learn to live once again. We need to take a melodic trip to San Francisco…

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It is time for the next generation to wake up and smell the roses, realize that they are just roses. We can all take time to smell the flowers but we need to see that the next step we all need to take is far greater than anything we as a generation thought we could take. You can wear the flowers in your hair but summer time lasts only so long till the bills of winter come knocking on our doors. Now is the time to kick in the generation change with a new explanation.

In politics we are all facing an about face politically. What was once up is now down and what was down is up. It’s the cycle of politics and I think we can all have a little bit more faith in a President that dares not to surround himself with people that are of like mind and yes men and women.


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Blogger Mberenis said...

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