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Friday, December 19, 2008

Papamoka Blog Kudo’s

From time to time I like to just promote some blogs and sites that I find as diamonds in the rough or just outright 10 Carat gems. Here we go with this round about the sphere on who is saying what.

BJ over at Demwit has an interesting liberal look at the Reverend Rick Warren choice by Obama for the swearing in as President.

My brother from another motha over at the Gun Toting Liberal has his own opinion on Rick Warren and Barack Obama‘s decision.

Jeff over at Wormtown Taxi has this great video on Governor Blagojevitch declaring his innocence and determined fight to stay in office.

Dusty over at Bring It On has this on Bill Clinton’s donor list in his charitable work around the world.

Omnipotent PooBah has an interesting look at the changing Bush legacy from the Bush Administration perspective. Darth Cheney speaks in defense of Bush granting more interviews the last couple of months than the entire time as VP.

Pissed on Politics has this on the last crusade and union busting by the Republican Party and Bush Company. (Warning on Language)

Last but not least, Sock and Awe has this online game that lets you test your skills at throwing a shoe at President Bush. He’s armed with a quick shoe ducking defensive reaction so test your quick shoe draw reflexes against him…

That’s a wrap folks…


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