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Monday, November 03, 2008

Why I am Voting for Obama

I’m not voting for Obama because he has better television or radio advertisements. I’m not voting for Obama because his opponent has to come up with so much negative advertising. I’m certainly not voting for him just because he is a Democrat! I’m not voting for Barack Obama because he is a rock star on the internet and has a very certain way of connecting with the middle and lower class people like myself.

I am voting for Obama because he is not George W. Bush or any facsimile there of. I am voting for Obama because he sees the screwing all of us in the middle and lower class of America have gotten. I am voting for Obama because he wants healthcare for all Americans. I am voting for Obama because he offers true leadership out of hope rather than fear and despair. I am voting for Obama because he isn’t afraid of tough questions from anyone when it comes to leading this nation. I am voting for Obama because he offers real tax relief to the middle and lower classes rather than giving millionaires, billionaires more tax cuts so we can get the crumbs off of their tables. I’m voting for Barack Obama because he never once endorsed or fought for the idea that we should privatize Social Security and move the funds to Wall Street.

I’m voting for Obama to bring our troops home out of Iraq and the lies that put them all in harms way from the Bush administration. I’m voting for Obama so that disabled veterans, friends of mine, will get the care they need rather than a nay vote from someone that claims to be a defender of veterans. I’m voting for Obama because “diplomacy” is not a dirty word that was replaced with “You are either with us or against us“. And I could go on and on.

This election for President isn’t a popularity contest, it is the survival of our society as a whole. America would and will be on a fast track to revolution if we face another four years of Bush 3.0 and the disastrous policies he looked the other way on. As I have stated here on this site before, gasoline and oil prices will tank just short or prior to Bush leaving office. It has!

Our government has been corrupted beyond belief and it is up to us to vote and make sure that the corruption has no chance to fester. While all the red state politicians voted themselves a pay raise every single year, they voted against giving minimum wage workers a raise for almost ten years in a row? Apparently, inflation only exist if you make over $150,000 per year as a public servant in Washington, D.C. and as a Senator or Congressional member.

We have seen enough corruption, resignations, lobbyist going to jail, White House staffers and confidants going to jail, denials, and members of Congress shamed out of office from the Republican Party. Enough is enough and that is why I am voting for Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. For that matter all you have to have is a Democrat next to your name and you have my vote. The Republican Party put these people that betrayed our trust into powerful positions. Granted we do have a few Democrats going to jail too but the tote board is heavy on the Republican side of the aisle. Deny Hastert, Speaker of the House down in flames, Tom Delay, Majority Leader of the Senate down in flames, Scooter Libbey down in flames and in jail, Jack Abamoff the lobbyist down in flames and in jail, and the list goes on and on. When is enough, enough? How many Congressional members should be listed that left office in disgrace and scandal?

Faith in our government only works if we the people believe in them. Barack Obama brings that to the table and has my vote. Enough said, vote, and vote for what is best for America and I urge you to consider Barack Obama the better person for the job to lead all of America and not just his select friends.


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