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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Warning to Racists and Bigots

I’m taking a huge risk on writing this post but I think the American experiment as our fore fathers saw it, as the Presidency of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan and Clinton foresaw that it needs discussion. McCain and his campaign is blindly playing the race card and as just one American voter I don’t like it one bit! As an Irish, Catholic, White father of five daughters, a Democrat, a Moderate, and an Independent voter, I don't like it one bit. When they play the us against them card it tick's me off. Apparently, the McCain Palin campaign can not assimilate into the real America that exists all around us. We are a melting pot and that is the genuine reason why America is so great.

One of the greatest fears of most people in America is that your own thoughts will not be included in the current debate. Wall Street has a bailout plan so the mega rich and their investments are safe, what about you? This campaign for President is going to get ugly, the advertisements will go super nova with deceptions and lies based on context taken from wherever from each of the candidates. That is what politics is, it happens, it is the expected path when the stakes are this high. This is a Presidential election. Make no mistake about it, the man or woman in the executive office of the Presidency is the leader of the free world. So why would someone wanting that high office want to play the race card? Why would they do that other than fear?

Over at the LA Times they have this little tid bit that I need to discuss further…

By Peter Wallsten, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 5, 2008

WHITEWOOD, VA. -- The isolated towns of Virginia's Appalachian coal region are home to strong labor unions and Democratic political machines that date back generations. Yet voters here who eagerly pushed Democrats into the Senate and the governor's office are resisting Barack Obama.

Some Americans say Obama's race and uncommon background make them uncomfortable -- here those people include Democratic precinct chairmen and get-out-the-vote workers. Many Americans receive e-mails falsely calling Obama a Muslim -- here a local newspaper columnist has joked in print that Obama would have the White House painted black and would put Islamic symbols on the U.S. flag.
- Los Angeles Times

You and I could use to clarify and learn the truth but the mud hitting the fan is more important than the facts to most voters. They hear a sound bite and that is gospel truth! They hear the reply to the sound bite and they look at a dirty liar. Not the person that originated the sound bite but the one defending themselves.

I’m puzzled but I understand the politics of the desperation of the McCain campaign to do anything to win. John McCain and Sarah Palin will do anything short of using the “N” word when it comes to describing their political opponent Barack Obama for the Presidency. A word I personally despise. This is not 1958 or 1968! I’m offended already but I’m a political junkie and I have a rough clue as to how McCain will move his political campaign to try and win this race for President. In each video they come out with over the next thirty or so days they will dance around the word but not mention it directly. Thinking they are above board, above accusation, they will dance around the subject that a black man can not be President but a white woman with absolutely no clue in national politics is okay one heart beat away from John McCain? They have to travel this path simply because they can not win on the real issues that face all Americans! They can not match Obama on the issues so they have to go to dirty political tactics. When you have nothing left to offer then why not go extreme racist and show your true colors?

John McCain has begun to travel down that path in his political campaign that smells of racism and that is a path that America must never follow. Which leads to the question if McCain is not truly a racist? This is not the 1950’s, 1960’s or the 1970’s! A time period comfortable to John McCain but not so comfortable for today’s voters. That was thirty, fourty, and fifty years ago. That was then, this is now. And yes I read that book! America has grown up since the time of John McCain and his upbringing where racism was acceptable in the good old boys club in not just Washington but in many of our Governors offices that is frankly no longer acceptable all across America.

Brietbart has this opinion and thought to check out...

Dare John McCain talk about the issues as passionately as Barack Obama then we have a discussion on politics and reason to vote for one or the other for President. When the McCain campaign is grabbing at the edges of the cliff as the polls are falling they will use any tactic and count on you as an ignorant voter to fall for racism as a last ditch effort to survive. Let him go, he is not worth it. If he has to bash African Americans to win the vote then what will he do next to win? Is your nationality immune from ridicule?

When you take the time to really look at the issues and where each candidate for President stands, you see the real difference. One candidate is for Americans and the other is for protecting the status quo of corporate America. You get to decide and pick just one.

Obama is looking out for you, John McCain is looking out for the friends of George Bush and the gravy train to come if we elect McCain as President. It’s your vote ultimately that counts. Racism or a new America that finally includes all Americans?

So what do you think?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you, this is a very sensitive subject and one that most be brought up carefully. Although we live in the Northeast there is a lot of voters in the southern states that are still in the 50's. The times have not progressed.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Crystal! I hate this topic because it can be so ugly that it turns my stomach.

My little girls don't have any clue as to what racism is and I am so proud that they do not. We as a family had the oldest girls best friend over Friday, Saturday, and we drove her home today. She is an African American girl and yet she is one of my baby girls too. Her mother is like a sister to my wife, her father like a brother to me. We are a family of friends that I would never trade for anything. I love their family without question. Thus, I can not understand even remotely how someone can be racist?

Maybe it's just me? Thank you for the comment Crystal. I thought I was alone on this topic!

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...

McCain is the racist? I'm not sure where you get that. Be very careful. I've lived in Los Angeles and have read the Times my whole life. I haven't given it even a modicum of credibility for nearly 20 years. You're afraid of racism?

Racism exists, and it always will, but you're seeing a problem that doesn't exist. Pay closer attention. Don't be such a lemming. The truth is, Obama is more of a racist than McCain could ever hope to be. Obama is the ONLY one who has EVER brought up race in this campaign.

Learn what racism is before you accuse people of it. You're following a radical fascist over a cliff. Hope you can fly.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the rest of the world, a world that doesn't put much faith in the America of the recent past. Politicians who have told lie after lie, ruining the lives of it's youngest and bravest, and trashing the economy for the sake of an immoral few. And probably endangering the whole planet with a biased self interest. Unfortunately most Americans don't even know where other countries are on a map, yet they unduly influence life on the whole planet. The ultimate irresponsibility. And now that there is a chance for a better future, an election, what does the rest of the planet get as it's choice? Not two men with one ambition, hopefully to better their country, and the world, but two men apparently divided by age old mores. One with supposed wisdom and experience, and the younger man with intellect, intelligence, and a calm disposition. Trouble is, the younger man's color is disturbing to some voters. When the world stops looking and starts thinking, then we might have change for the better, in the meanwhile, as a civilisation, we probably have a long way to go before we have any intelligence at all. Our fate awaits us, we are masters of our own destiny. There is only one race on the planet I live on. The human race.

7:33 PM  

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