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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alaska Independence Party and Palin

Oops! Those should be the words from John McCain. Sarah Palin and her husband Todd courted the Alaska Independence Party that just happens to be against the United States Government? Todd Palin was a member of the AIP for seven years! And the McCain campaign spectators call Barack Obama a Terrorist?

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Oct. 7, 2008 "My government is my worst enemy. I'm going to fight them with any means at hand."

This was former revolutionary terrorist Bill Ayers back in his old Weather Underground days, right? Imagine what Sarah Palin is going to do with this incendiary quote as she tears into Barack Obama this week.

Only one problem. The quote is from Joe Vogler, the raging anti-American who founded the Alaska Independence Party. Inconveniently for Palin, that's the very same secessionist party that her husband, Todd, belonged to for seven years and that she sent a shout-out to as Alaska governor earlier this year. ("Keep up the good work," Palin told AIP members. "And God bless you.")

Sniper fire…

So who are these America-haters that the Palins are pallin' around with?

Before his strange murder in 1993, party founder Vogler preached armed insurrection against the United States of America. Vogler, who always carried a Magnum with him, was fond of saying, "When the [federal] bureaucrats come after me, I suggest they wear red coats. They make better targets. In the federal government are the biggest liars in the United States, and I hate them with a passion. They think they own [Alaska]. There comes a time when people will choose to die with honor rather than live with dishonor. That time may be coming here. Our goal is ultimate independence by peaceful means under a minimal government fully responsive to the people. I hope we don't have to take human life, but if they go on tramping on our property rights, look out, we're ready to die."

Duck, more Sniper snippet fire

Vogler's greatest moment of glory was to be his 1993 appearance before the United Nations to denounce United States "tyranny" before the entire world and to demand Alaska's freedom. The Alaska secessionist had persuaded the government of Iran to sponsor his anti-American harangue.

That's right ... Iran. The Islamic dictatorship. The taker of American hostages. The rogue nation that McCain and Palin have excoriated Obama for suggesting we diplomatically engage. That Iran.
- Salon.Com

Thank you to Memeorandum for this news tip!

If Joe Vogler was this extremist, and had the ear of Sarah and Todd Palin, why the hell did McCain pick Governor Palin for Vice President? It is one thing to be a Maverick but another to associate oneself with people out to overthrow the United States of America’s form of government! Johnny has some explaining to do!

McCain has a serious problem and proud Americans don’t have to look to far to see what it is. If the Constitution of the United States is designed to hold our nation together then why was the Governor of Alaska and her husband looking to support everything against that cherished document? Look for John McCain to answer that question with his pick of Vice President of the United States of America.


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